Saturday, April 3, 2010

[PHOTOS] 100403 JOFF Fansign- Event

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[PHOTOS] Cute U-kiss with Themselves

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[WALLPAPERS] U-kiss {Only One Album Pics}

[INFO] Filipino DJ disses U-KISS on Twittuh, Fans Rage, Alex's Dad Responds

Fans were no doubt worried that it might affect future visits to the Phillipines by U-Kiss.

Universal Records Philippines who distributes U-Kiss albums in the nation expressed that this should not affect anything and hopes the issue will die down.

Things escalated further when the father of U-Kiss member, Alex, responded angrily to the remarks through his Twitter.

Doesn’t look an apology would be happening after his latest response.


I'm Freaking ashamed that this person is from my country, but you know HE DID NOT GREW UP HERE! HE'S From AMERICA! and We filipinos are not like this! I demand an Apology from this Asshole.

[PHOTOS] Gwangju World Photonics Expo 2010

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[SCANS] U-Kiss - Junior Magazine part 3 {HQ}

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[VIDEO] Gwangju World Photonics Expo 2010:

U-kiss Binguel Binguel

U-kiss ManManHani

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[PHOTOS] 100402 MBC God Of Cookery Expedition w/ Soohyun and Kiseop

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