Thursday, April 22, 2010

[PHOTOS] 100422 U-Kiss - Mworago @ M! Countdown part 2

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[100407] U-Kiss in Bangkok Post-Super Show King M! Concert

Sharing the love of sparkly U-Kiss boys (they put Edward Cullen to shame!) at the poolside of Dusit Thani in Bangkok, after the M-Net concert recently.

I was lucky enough to get to go to the M-Net concert and stayed at Dusit Thani. Day after the concert, my friend and I decided to wander down to the poolside in hopes of checking out some hot babes before leaving and lo! We scored! Here are Eli (gray & black shorts with gray hair), Kibum (light blue shorts) and I'm almost positive the one in the far left is Kevin.

The pics do not do them justice. They are so fair and white that I got blinded by the sheer sparkliness :D

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I Agree on Pics Not Doing any Justice on U-Kiss They're FCUKING HOT in real life!

[PHOTOS]100422 U-Kiss - M! Countdown

Love it! it looks like Punk old school

So they reported about how COOL and Chrismaic U-kiss is especially they're costumes were Great
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[VIDEO] 100422 U-Kiss - Mworago @ M! Countdown

NEW clothes!
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[PHOTOS] 100420 U-Kiss - MTV Idol United Filming part 5

Wooohooo LEGS

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[VIDEO] 100420 Dongho @ Strong Heart cut~

Kekeke! Dongho gets to talk, I watche dthe whole show Onew and some others didn't talk
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[NEWS] 100421 U-KISS Dongho Revealed The Reason Why He Was Given Only 8 Syllables In U-KISS's Debut Song

U-KISS's Dongho revealed that puberty is the reason why he wasn’t given many parts in a song.

On the April 20th broadcast of SBS Strong Heart, Dongho said "My puberty period came just as I'm about to debut as a singer. We were in the middle of recording the song for the first time when suddenly my voice didn’t come out. I got panicked."

Dongho revealed “Because of that, my parts in the song were reduced to 8 syllables.”

Hearing this, Super Junior's Eunhyuk steal the attention by saying "8 syllables are considered a lot." He commented on this "That was a lot. I only received 5 syllables" while Shindong replied “I don’t even have any parts. They only gave me a turned-off microphone!" which created a huge laughter among the guests.

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I was trying to do~ a cut of SBS strong heart this ep, I got so bored coz' Dongho is not coming out, but hsi facial reactions are... but still... so i slept~

[PHOTOS] U-Kiss - Various Sponsor~

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[VIDEO] 100421 U-Kiss - Volleyball League Celebration Concert

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