Monday, August 2, 2010

[PHOTOS] Alexander - Dream Team 2 in Hong Kong

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[GIF] 100728 U-Kiss - Chef Kiss EP 10





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[TWITTER] 100802 U-Kiss - in Japan

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[NEWS] 100802 U-KISS' Alexander & Kevin Selected As The New MCs For Arirang Music Show

U-KISS members, Alexander and Kevin were selected as the new MCs for Arirang TV global music show 'The M-Wave'.

U-KISS’ agency, NH Media, told Star News on August 2nd "Alexander and Kevin will be appearing in Arirang TV's global music show 'The M-Wave' as the MCs."

Arirang TV's representative revealed "Alexander and Kevin spoke Korean and English well as they used to live abroad. The reason of appointing them as the new MCs are because they are very popular as they have been receiving global idol recognitions locally and in oversea as well, and this will help us broaden up our scope of viewers."

'The M-Wave' can be viewed not only in Korea, but in other 188 countries as well as they are being aired through Arirang TV with English as the medium of communication. And to live up their name as the International Idol, U-KISS' Alexander and Kevin, who are fluent in English have been selected as the new MCs.

'The M-Wave' is a program that let the Asia music lovers to communicate with each other through the new M-mail, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube etc. Foreign fans can also join as the audiences for this music program.

Meanwhile, U-KISS is expected to release their new album this August.

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[INFO] 100802 Alexander & Kevin - Arirang M wave new MC

Alexander & Kevin are chosen as the new MC of Arirang The M Wave, their first recording is on August 3 which is tomorrow!

Don't forget to visit the site and follow!

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[VIDEO] U-Kiss' Soohyun - Starl Golden Bell CUT

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[TWITTER] 100802 U-Kiss' Various Update

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[PHOTOS] 100801 U-Kiss - SS501 Fanmeeting as Guest

Kibum's Brothers Birthday, its forbidden to take photos~ but, she still secretly taken some hehehe~ and she has a U-Kiss banner! Eli is not here, other schedule perhaps
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[PHOTOS] 100802 U-Kiss - Photographer Update

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[PHOTOS] Kevin's Selca + Eli w/ isak

Here's a selfcam from yesterday's photoshoot ^^ Haven't put one up in a long time~


I just thought its cute~

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[PHOTOS] 100730 U-Kiss - Fan Meeting

Pictures were not allowed so this only a Mobile phone, Soohyun expressed regret for the musical as he can't continue with it T_T
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[PHOTOS] Eli - with Chef Kim

Eli is Chef Kim favorite ne~ but you ELI is really good with his Cooking!
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