Wednesday, May 12, 2010

[PHOTOS] 100427/100511 Dongho - Invincible Baseball Team Recording part 2

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Credits: kissmeukiss + momentum + as tagged + donobi

[PHOTOS] 100512 Kevin - Cyworld update

Credits: kissmeukiss + kevin's cyworld

[PHOTOS] 100512 U-Kiss - Photographer Update

totally for mworago~

Credits: kissmeukiss + bbowoo + kissholic

[PHOTOS] 100511 Kibum & Xander - 1 vs 100


This!! Face!

Credits: kissmeukiss + DC Gallery

[VIDEO] U-Kiss - Only One Concert in Manila Teaser

LOL they went Crazy!
Credits: ukissmusicbox

[PHOTOS] U-Kiss Fan - Hairstyle is U-Kiss

wow this Kiss Me is JJang!
Credits: kissmeukiss

[PHOTOS+VID] 100511 Dongho - Invincible Baseball Team Recording

Waaah! Baby Dongho is so Sexy
Credits: kissmeukiss + donobi

[PHOTOS] Vons Chicken Print Ad + Inkigayo magazine

Jiaren means Familiy! hahahaha
Credits: kissmeukiss + jiaren

[PHOTOS] Eli - ShikShin Expedition EP 121

Credits: kissmeukiss + Kissholic

[VIDEO] 100511 U-Kiss - IDOL LEAGUE EP 2 + CUTS

So I posted some CUTS I take request I haven't slept yet so I can't really focus that much when I was cutting~ so I only made 3
Credits: kissmeukiss

[PHOTOS] 100511 Dongho - Invincible Baseball Team

Keke Dongho! its from twitter~
I follow him he's like a twitter addict~ so many tweets
Credits: kissmeukiss + kim changryul's twitter

[WALLPAPERS] U-Kiss - Various Mobile Wallies

My wallpapers folder is very messy the ones i upload is by random, I do not choose it so if one member is missing in the folder I'm sorry, please wait for my next post~
Credits: kissmeukiss + shining u-kiss

[DOWNLOADS] 100509 U-Kiss - Mworago @ SBS Inkigayo

Download Link: Mediafire {.001 | .002 | .003}

Download Link: Mediafire

This one took so long... coz' mediafire was being a big pain in the butt~ i can easily upload videos in youtube but mediafire really takes time like its 99% =3 poof~ back to start
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Credits: kissmeukiss + STELEY@kissholic + skipfire/sixpages@livejournal (avi HD)
Take out with full Credits

[VIDEO] 100508-100510 U-Kiss - Various Fancams

This is my Fave, Soohyun power Vocals, Cute Dongho Dancing Oh!, and Sexy Kevin dancing Chitty Chitty bang Bang (the sexy part)

You can Like Hear marco kekeke noisy boy even talking to Dongho~

Will Update for more~
OMG Yes Fancams from Incheon bupyeon, dohak fest, SBS plus soccer, etc.
Credits: 425ohm

[PHOTOS] U-Kiss - Chef's Kiss

We saw this from E News Korea, and i'm semi-right that this maybe for chef's Kiss and i was hoping for a new one already Waaah they have so many shows~
Credits: kissmeukiss + 문선희‘CY +

[VIDEO] 100511 Dongho - Recording Invincible Baseball Team