Tuesday, May 25, 2010

[PHOTOS] 100525 U-Kiss at Sauna - Idol League EP 4

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[VIDEO] 100522 Kevin & Alexander - Star King Cut


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[PHOTOS+GIF] Eli & Kibum - Autumn Destiny

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Someone asked for Eli & Kibum Spam... so here it is! hitting two birds with one stone Hahaha~
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[DOWNLOAD] 100523 +100515 U-Kiss "Mworago" @ M Super Concert & The M Wave

I love this Perf it rained and and fireworks!
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[NEWS] U-Kiss - Only One 1st Concert in Manila Postponed

UKISS 1st Concert in the Philippines

Hi! KissMes Pinoy

My 7 sons and I am very upset about the postponement of the UKISS PH Concert which ofcuz, was unavoidable.
We respect the decision made by the local promoter and also supported them becuz they didn't want this to happen as well, otherwise, they wuoldn't choose UKISS and promote them in PH and try to arrange this conceert.
Please do not be angry or upset, but in fact think of the positive side that we can have more time for us to rest & prepare even better programs & special guests.

Anyway, NHM & PEP is now still having their meeting, let's us wait for their official announcement later ok?
Remember, it is not 'CANCELL' but 'POSTPONED to JUNE' so dont give up!

As a man who follow God's will, I had asked my Boys to trust God for this. I feel sorry for them becuz they only slept 2 - 3 hrs everyday just to practise for this.
However, this might be a good trial for us to treasure and even love KissMes more and I hope that it is the same for you.

I don't know when NHM or the Boys will announce this news officially, but since I had been a bridge between both of you, please allow me to share my message with all of you first. And if there is any blame or anger towards the organizers in PH & Korea, please put it onto me and I am willing to bite the bullets for them. But I apologise of behalf & for any inconveniences or grievances caused.

Thank you!

Blessings & Love,
in Christ,
Anthony Eusebio

No wonders This Concert was Just Announced a Month ago, and U-Kiss Schedule Is the Most Craziest Thing Ever!! just check out their Site! plus one Month for a Full Concert Preparation is No Joke Just learning uhm 15 new dances Is crazy! anyway it wouldn't be good if its RUSHED looking and It will perfect by then ahahaha!

[PHOTOS] U-Kiss - Chef' Kiss Brodacst - News Cover part 2

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[PHOTOS] Angel Kevin 케빈 케빈

haha JunHyung~

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Kevin~ Spam as Promised~ next is Kibum then Eli then Soohyun as requested....
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[PHOTOS] U-Kiss - Chef' Kiss Brodacst - News Cover

May 28 Friday at SBS E!TV 12:00 pm
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[PHOTOS] U-Kiss Idol League EP 3 - Official Still

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[PHOTOS] 100525 U-Kiss Korea & Kibum's Tweet

Kiss Me JJang!

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[PHOTOS] 100525 Kevin & Xander - Sponsor

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