Sunday, June 27, 2010

[PHOTOS] U-Kiss - manager Cyworld Updates 2nd Single Promos

theirs nothing to post and I have a good memory I posted a lot of stuff from Man Man Ha Ni & Binguel Binguel days... so... Hmmm... so i'm thinking of collecting performances photos from the start... it will be hard...~ and generally bias
Credits: kissmeukiss + shimbujang

[PHOTOS] 100621U-Kiss - Singapore Showcase part 8

Maybe around~ 90 photos~
Credits: kissmeukiss + namaster_ui + princessivy + herotenka

[PHOTOS] U-Kiss - in Hong Kong~ {Old update}

This is around early 2009 right! so so During this time I was studying in ShenZhen which is like 30mins away from HongKong and I'm always in Hong Kong! OMG NEAR MISS!
Credits: kissmeukiss + naver

[VIDEO] 100626 U-Kiss - Chef Kiss EP 5

Read my tweets about the show! and and! They're so DAEBAK theirs like a SUPER MOB/People on them! when they went out
Credits: kissmeukiss

[PHOTOS] Soohyun & Dongho - Sponsor Update

Credits: kissmeukiss + ukisscn

[PHOTOS] U-Kiss - Chef Kiss Recording

Credits: kissmeukiss + ukisscn

[INFO] Dongho - Appointed as New CF Model of SEOUL MILK


Noodle CF, Chicken CF and Now Milk CF~ not sure which product in Seoul milk though~
that logo and company is famous you might have seen that logo~ in the supermarket or whatever~

Ain't this a Nice Birthday gift Dongho~ i always see this milk box in Korean Dramas~ i just watched old Cfs of this Product hahaha Cool!

Aigoo! I'm lactose Intolerant
Official Site:
Credits: kissmeukiss

[TWITTER] 100626 Alexander's Tweet + / w/ Eli

Was dead for 3 hours in hospital... but now I'm feelin better!! Time to cheer for KOREA!!! 대~~~한민국!!! (/^o^)/

Wit Eli from U-Kiss @Brave coffee shop!! Right before soccer game!! Go Korea go Korea !! Let's make history!!

T_T poor~ Xander is sick! T.T *prays*
Credits: kissmeukiss