Sunday, May 2, 2010

[PHOTOS] 100502 Kibum - Bokbulbok 2

Credits: kissmeukiss + mbc + alice

[PHOTOS] U-Kiss - Only One Concert in Manila Tickets

Bought this yesterday then watched Iron man, Patrons and VIP are sold out
my tickets cost is 5,800 pesos x 2 = $240 USD
thats pretty expensive for my country~ but a lot have bought it already coz' in the line there were some girls~ in front of me buying

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[PHOTOS] Xander & Dongho as Stylist

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[PHOTOS] 100501 U-Kiss - The M wave Arirang Music Festival part 4

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Credits: kissmeukiss + donobi

[VIDEO] 100502U-Kiss in Cheonju + 100501 The M Waver Arirang Music Fest


Hmmmm~ what are they shooting do they have a variety show now

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[VIDEO] U-Kiss - Vons Chicken CF!!!


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[PHOTOS] U-Kiss - MTV Idol United

Wheres Soohyun
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[VIDEO] 100504 U-Kiss "Mworago" @ SBS Inkigayo

Credits; UknownCarrot220

[PHOTOS] 100502 Kevin - SBS 육감대결

Woot Kevin!! he looks manly when he has this serious look~
Credits: kissmeukiss + U-kiss DC gallery

[PHOTOS] 100502 U-Kiss "Mworago" @ SBS Inkigayo

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[PHOTOS+GIF] Dongho - Dongji Naengmyeon CF part 3

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[FANMADE] U-Kiss Pretty Fanarts~

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