Saturday, July 24, 2010

[PHOTOS] 100717 U-Kiss - Seoul Train Event part 8

More Photos from mayu~ Check out here Site!
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[PHOTOS] 100716-18 U-Kiss - in Japan Airport + Flower Gift

Japanese Likes to give Flowers and stuff for like concerts/events as a congratulatory~ and they line them up outside the event or somewhere hehehe

Mayu-chan~ Emailed me the Photos, thanks a lot Mayu for sharing with Every Kiss Me around the World! U-Kiss Fighting! and everyone must visit her site!
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[VIDEO] 100722 Chef Kiss Recording & From Japan Fancam~

Dongho Focused From Gimpo Airport~
I did a little Question in Twitter and the most fashionable in U-Kiss is Xander & Dongho, I like Dongho CLothes here too hehehehe~
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[PHOTOS] 100724 Dongho - Sky The Player FanSign Event {News}

Sooo Hoooot!
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[NEWS] 100724 'Variety idol' U-KISS Dongho To Hold A Fansign

U-KISS' Dongho will hold a fansign today.

Dongho, who recently has been selected as an exclusive model for SKY 'The Player', will be having a fansign event on July 24th at 2:00pm at Kangnam area in Seoul.

Recently, Dongho has been really busy attending U-KISS' overseas activities, recording KBS 2TV Inviuncible Baseball Team as well as being part of other variety programs. Today's fansign will be the platform where Dongho and fans could meet and mingle.

At the moment, Dongho and the other U-KISS members will be releasing their new album later this year.

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[PHOTOS] 100724 U-Kiss - Chef Kiss Recording

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[TWITTER] 100724 Soohyun - A Chorus Line Musical Stage

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[PHOTOS+VIDEO] 100723 Alexander San Miguel Beer Garden Show @ Hong Kong part 2

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[VIDEO] 100723 Soohyun - A Chorus Line Musical Interview

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[PHOTOS+VIDEO] 100723 Alexander San Miguel Beer Garden Show @ Hong Kong

Oooh! San Miguel a Philippine Brewery Company! yeah!
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