Saturday, June 26, 2010

[TWITTER] U-Kiss in Singapore by Stylist

These are from singapore~
Credits: kissmeukiss + U-Kiss Stylist~ twitter

[DOWNLOADS] 100614 U-Kiss 1st Kiss Concert in Manila COMPLETE Photos

FileName: 100614 U-Kiss 1st Kiss Concert in Manila {kissmeukiss}.zip
Size: 149MB | 796 Photos
Download Link: Mediafire
Password: kissmeukissblogspot

Photo Credits are in the photos itself Do not Claim the ZIP as yours I worked Hard for this! 796 Photos Saved one By One and from Tons of different places!
Credits: kissmeukiss

[PHOTOS] U-Kiss - News Cover "I Like You" Promotions

Huhuhu So Cute

Yes Yes Another OLD School Post for New Fans Like Me~ no Kiseop though T_T just imagine kiseop in those clothes and style my Goal is to Post a lot Of U-Kiss Stuff! so Old and New! is definitely on my list I really liked their style especially the drip paint I still hate the hair!
Credits: kissmeukiss + naver

[PHOTOS] 100614 U-Kiss in the Philippines {PEP}

hehehe 10 Pesos Put in in your nose!

the middle belly (no abs) is not U-Kiss but Uchi's

Credits: kissmeukiss + romolus uchi PEP

[TWITTER] 100626 Soohyun + Kevin - Updates

Eli and I made a tuna steak on our cooking program 쉐프의 키스 (Chef's Kiss) Doesn't it look delicious~? ^^

The Guys are like piling up their Chef Kiss They're filming a lot of it... maybe the show will be longer and because of their Asia Tour~
Credits: kissmeukiss

[PHOTOS] 100621 Eli - Singapore Showcase part 7

Credits: kissmeukiss + namaste_ui

[TWITTER] 100626 U-Kiss - Japanese Fan-meeting BBQ

Credits: kissmeukiss