Wednesday, June 16, 2010

[PHOTOS] U-Kiss - Focus Newspaper Journalist~

U-Kiss Did Everything, Journalist, Photographer, Editor, Graphics and video~ they interviewed Dongho too about his Movie Debut "Upstairs Villain"
I seriously Love their Current Looks!
Credits: kissmeukiss + Focus

[PHOTOS] Kevin & Eli - We Got Married Couple in Chef Kiss!

The title of the NewSen news~ they're partners here and they garnered the attentions of the viewers coz' of their Cute & sweet Friendship~ thats Like We Got Married I agree!!
Credits: kissmeukiss + NewSen

[PHOTOS] Kevin & Dongho - Sponsor Update

Credits: kissmeukiss + kissholic

[VIDEO] 100614 U-Kiss - SOLO Stage @ 1st Kiss Concert in Manla

More Fancams in Youtube hehe u can search on your own~ I'M so Lazy to upload more of my fancams~ coz' their effin' HD and Big
Credits: kissmeukiss

[PHOTOS] 100614 U-Kiss - "Rehearsals + Press Con" Only One 1st Kiss Concert In Manila

Baby Dongho!


Ooh! Dongho like 5!

I'm Not sure if this was a Press Con but it feels like that? ain't? Dongho & Kiseop is so Cute! during the rehearsals Alexander & Soohyun has the White thing in their Eye lashes, Kibums Nipple, Kiseops~ hot blonde and Kevin's Hair pins! woooooo!
Credits: kissmeukiss + megithefangirl

[PHOTOS] 100614 U-Kiss - Only One 1st Kiss Concert In Manila part 5

Kevin Was Crying here and Dongho was Like... o.0 but actually Everyone was like Teary but Kevin, Xander & Soohyun really was liek Emotional Dongho Cried a little I've seen him Cry Before in Invincible Baseball Team! poor baby~

I really like the thing on Dongho's Head~ I want it I was kinda schoosy on what to upload only the Good ones~
Credits: kissmeukiss + You & I + ukisskorea@me2day + megithefangirl

[PHOTOS] 100613 U-Kiss - Manila Airport

Credits: kissmeukiss + You & I + tweety and friends

[PHOTOS] 100613 U-Kiss - Incheon Airport part 2

Hahaha Kiseop is Using the Phone Case~ and its his Face... woooo~~
Credits: kissmeukiss + kissholic