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[PHOTOS] 100513 U-Kiss - Various Sponsor

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[PHOTOS] 100513 Eli - Shikshin Expedition 122

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[PHOTOS] U-Kiss - Manila Tour {Pep}

WOW! pimp!

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[PHOTOS] News Amy - U-kiss Dongho is my Man! @ Raising Idol

유키스 동호는 내 남자
~ Dongho neun Nae Namja!

She's a surprise teacher on Raising Idol~ I remember her, she's rich, can speak english well and she's the Bitter ex-girlfriend of minwoo of shinwha~ well if my memory serves me right~
Actually my memory is pretty good, so i ace most of my exam except Math...~

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Sorry Amy~ but DONGHO IS MY MAN!

[VIDEO] 100511 Kibum & Alexander - 1 vs 100 CUT

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{NEWS} 100512 "Idol United" Is Challenging The World Cup?

Soccer is not a rough sports for the Idols to challenge!

"Idol United" will shows how the Idols take on the soccer challenges, and showing their youth and enthusiasm for the sports.

"Idol United" is a sports reality show that packed with some of the prominent members from idol groups such as MBLAQ, U-KISS, ZE:A, F.Cuz and Dae Guk Nam Ah. They have formed a soccer team and be competing in soccer matches.

Their team's name is Idol United. This show will be aired in a cable channel MTV. The first episode is scheduled be on to air every Saturday, starting from May 22nd at 11 o' clock.

Originally, U-KISS was part of "Idol United" team, but due to their overlapping schedules, they had to pull out from the show. Their place will be filled in by other ZE:A members.

There will be a total of 12 episodes for "Idol United".

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I'm sorry other members of idol united, U-Kiss is very busy~ we just can't handle all this Schedules we have! *smirks*

[NEWS] 100509 U-KISS's Dongho Sighed Out Of Discontent "We're Not Allowed To Date"

U-KISS's Dongho sighed at the no-dating rule made by his company. He expressed his regret regarding his agency banning U-KISS members from dating on the May 9th broadcast of SBS “Shin Dong Yup’s 300”.

U-KISS's Soohyun and Dongho appeared were among the participants in this episode. In this episode, there was a topic discussing about dating. It is to find out the opinion of the participants about whether dating during school is better than dating after graduating.

MC Shin Dong Yup asked Dongho "What do you think of dating in school?" and he answered "I'm fine with it" while talking a deep breath, which aroused lots of curiousity.

Dongho then revealed "Instead of my parents, it's my company who banned us from dating. Our company told us that we are banned from dating" ans sighed deeply.

Agreed to what Dongho said, Soohyun stated too "I too, cannot date because of the banning rule. It doesn't matter whether you're in 10's or 20's, you're bound to that rule."

Then, Soohyun also revealed something about Dongho "Dongho might be the youngest, but among U-KISS members, he shows the most interest in girls."

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I watched the whole show, the part where he said this was kinda like 2 secs... just one sentence news already they have so many news,~ though thats great!

[PHOTOS] 100512 Dongho - Invincible Baseball team Anniversary

Twitter Update Donghos at the bottom OMO his arm might be hurting or not....
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[NEWS] 100509 U-KISS’s Soohyun Revelation "Dongho Might Be Young, But He's Really Interested In Women"

U-KISS’s Soohyun revealed the real Dongho, and Dongho stated that his 5th ideal woman is gagwoman, Lee Gyeong Shil.

Both Soohyun and Dongho appeared in the latest episode of “Shin Dong Yup’s 300” that was aired on May 9th.

A question "I want my marriage to be like my parents?" was asked. Dongho honestly confessed "Mother's nag is the worst. Now, I know that it's for my own good. But when I was young, (it made me feel like) I didn't want to get married".

Shin Dong Yup asked Soohyun a question "Would you get married if there's such a girl like Dongho?". Soohyun answered and revealed something about Dongho "Maybe... since I know Dongho's real behavior. Dongho might be the youngest but he has the most interest in girls. Whenever we saw female idols, he'll automatically says that they are pretty" which made Dongho panicked.

Hearing this, MC Shin Dong Yup asked Dongho "Who is the prettiest nowadays?". Dongho was contemplating before answering "I've made our fans angry by changing my ideal type 4 times (up until now)... Lee Gyeong Shil."

However, Lee Gyeong Shil, who was one of the guests in this episode said to Dongho that she "didn't feel good" hearing this.

Soohyun then added "Dongho likes girls with beautiful legs" which made Lee Gyeong Shil's face full of smile.

Soohyun and Dongho won the final prize and were awarded 3500 won.

This episode was broadcasted on May 9th at 12:10 o'clock.

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[PHOTOS+GIF] 100511 U-Kiss - Idol league EP 2

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