Sunday, April 18, 2010

[VIDEO] 100417 Shinhan Card Love Concert in Gwanju + 100415 M! Countdown

신한카드러브콘서트/ Shinhan Card Love Concert in Gwanju


100415 U-Kiss - M! Countdown

Dongho-nim Focused~ WOW WOW The CHEERS are OSM!
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[PHOTOS+GIF] U-Kiss - O4U Fanmeeting

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{NEWS} 100418 U-KISS Dongho "Have Mistaken Women's Smile As Temptation Before"

U-KISS's Dongho has made a surprise confession that he have mistaken women's smile as a sign of temptation before.

On the April 18th broadcast of SBS Sixth Sense, Dongho shared his story on the topic "Women's behavior that leads to temptation's misunderstanding."

Dongho confessed "There was a female celebrity that came to the waiting room and our eyes met, she looked at me, smiled and said hello so I thought that maybe she liked me".

Kim Changryul, who is part of KBS 2TV 'Invincible Baseball Team' with Dongho, revealed "Dongho is always full of smile whenever female celebrities came to our waiting room and he greets everyone with a smile too."

Meanwhile, Yoon Jeongsu said "People will misunderstood me even if I just says hello to them" which created a huge laughter in the studio.

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Kekeke! cutie pie Dongho!

[NEWS] 100418 UKISS-Hong Rok Ki-Bang Eun Hee "Cheonan! Reast In Peace"

Many celebrities expressed their sadness and deepest condolences towards the Cheonan tragedy.

A special tribute for Cheonan was aired on April 18th through KBS 1TV entitled “Cheonan's Hero, You'll Be Remembered” where they encouraged donation and did a fund raising activities for the victims of the said tragedy.

On this special broadcast, they encouraged the citizens to donate for the victims of last month's explosion that took away many lives of the soldiers. A memorial wall will be build for those victims.

Besides the studio, many citizens joined the event held at various places such as Yeouido Park, Jeju, Gwangju, Changwon, New York (USA).

Actress Bang Eun Hee, reporter Kim Saengmin, singer U-KISS, Hyun Cheol Yoo Seung Chan, Hong Rok Ki, Kim Jung Kook, 4Minute, Norazo, Kang Jin and Yu Yeol were among the celebrities that participate in the memorial ceremony, showing their sincere condolences.

At the moment, there are still 8 bodies to be found, and immediate action will be taken to search for remaining bodies.

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[PHOTOS] U-Kiss at Joff Fansign Event

Just cheked out Joff site~~
This is the Event that was canceled... too many fans~~ look at the barrier LOL
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[PHOTOS] U-Kiss - Joff Endorsement

Someone asked me about my banner here it is, might as well add the other Joff Pics~
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[VIDEO] Malaysia Fanmeeting + F.Cuz Message + Star King + Stalker

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They're filming something! 100414 wooot I'm right!

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