Wednesday, February 23, 2011

[NEWS] 110223 NH Media makes statement regarding withdrawal of U-Kiss’ Alexander and Kim Kibum

U-Kiss agency, NH Media, recently came out with an official statement regarding the withdrawal of two members, Alexander and Kim Kibum.

NH Media issued a press release on February 23rd which read, “We felt infinite happiness during the time we spent together with U-Kiss, however, after a long time of worrying, we made this difficult decision because we genuinely felt that the team needed member replacements.”

“With Kim Kibum’s case, we made a mutual agreement to terminate his exclusive contract recently. With Alexander’s case, he may be leaving U-Kiss, but after a very long discussion, we decided that he will be remaining with the agency to fulfill his personal, overseas activities.”

“We think very importantly of the time we spent together with the two members, and we’re thankful for the time we sweated together. Even though we have ended his exclusive contract, we hope that we can maintain a good relationship with Kibum, who is still a family member in our hearts. Also, as his former agency, we hope to help him in a variety of ways in the future.”

“Through these happenings, U-Kiss will reborn as a more mature and developed team. There will be two new members of U-Kiss who will reinforce the group’s comeback next month, and they are currently working hard with the other members. We will be revealing the new members to the fans soon.”

NH Media concluded, “We thank you again for showing interest in U-Kiss, and we apologize for causing concerns.”

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[NEWS] 110223 U-Kiss' agency thought about the members' withdrawal for a long time

Debuting in 2008 with the album "New Generation", boy group U-Kiss has had many hit songs along the way. However, although the members of U-Kiss are planning to make a comeback in March, members Alexander and Kim Kibum have withdrawn from the group.

U-Kiss' agency NH Media has officially recognized the 
withdrawal of U-Kiss members Alexander and Kibum. The reason behind their withdrawal has not been revealed yet, but there has been word that Alexander made the decision due to personal reasons, including his studies. For Kibum, it has been said that the reason for his withdrawal had to do with business activities.

On the 23rd, NH Media explained, "First of all, I would like to apologize for suddenly coming up with the news of the withdrawal of the U-Kiss members. The [withdrawal] information that was presented before was an issue that the staff had been contemplating about for a long time, and during that time, U-Kiss was preparing for a new album."

Continuing on, the representative hinted about the possibility of getting new members: "The other members of U-Kiss have been showing great interest about the idea of getting new members, which we haven't thought about. We're trying to somehow schedule their comeback more smoothly. We will be posting news about the new members and their comeback really soon."

Stay posted for more information on U-Kiss' future activities.

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[NEWS] 110222 Kim Kibum explains his departure from U-Kiss

Earlier today, we reported on the departure of Alexander and Kim Kibum from idol boy group, U-Kiss.
Moments ago, Kibum explained his decision through a long tweet, which read:
“Hello, this is U-Kiss Kibum, or more specifically, an ex-member of U-Kiss, Kim Kibum.
After two months of delay, I’ve finally plucked up the courage to write this post.
First off, the agency and I have made an agreement about my exclusive contract on February 2011.
As the agency desired a member replacement, we wrote out a consent document for a contract dissolution, and from that day on, I became a former member of U-Kiss.
Contrary to what most of you might be thinking, this is unrelated to my Piro Piro business… nor is it about losing interest in U-Kiss.
I always thought importantly of U-Kiss more than anyone, and I’m proud to say that not once did my Piro Piro character business impede my schedules with U-Kiss..
I always thought of the members as more than family. I’m extremely upset that I have to part with them like this, but it was because of my lacking areas which warranted my former agency to desire a member replacement.
I may be leaving on a one-sided decision, however, I was able to learn a lot and meet many people, as well as the U-Kiss members.
My feelings are very mixed up on the thought that the few lines in this message could hurt a lot of people I love.
I will continue my personal activities on broadcast.
Thank you to all the people who supported me wherever I was, and I will meet you once again as an entrepreneur,
Thank you”

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[NEWS] 110222 U-Kiss’ agency is open to adding new members to the group

Following the recent news about Alexander and Kim Ki Bum withdrawing from U-KISS due to personal reasons, the group’s agency has voiced that they are open to adding new members to the now five-member group.

On February 23rd, a representative of NH Media stated, “If there is a good trainee to pick, there are chances that we could add them into the group.”

They continued, “However, for their comeback this March, the group will be promoting as five members, as the five have already recorded their album. Their spring comeback will have Soohyun as the lead, alongside members Kevin, Eli, Dongho and Kiseop.”

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[NEWS] 110222 Alexander & Kim Kibum to leave U-Kiss

Industry representatives revealed on February 23rd that U-Kiss’ Alexander and Kim Kibum disclosed that they would be leaving the group. As such, the two will not participate in U-Kiss’ comeback album.

Alexander was reported to have discussed the issue at length with his agency, and eventually decided to leave for personal reasons; it’s also said that Alexander wanted to pursue his studies.

Kim Kibum will be leaving in order to focus on his character company with his older brother, SS501’s Kim Hyung Joon. Some fans felt that their premonition had come true when they read Kim Kibum’s earlier tweet, which said, “This March, I have news you might not like.  But when the time comes, I will tell it like it is.”

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[NEWS] 110222 Hye Ji releases “Your Love” feat. Alexander of U-Kiss

Singer Hye Ji released a new single titled “Your Love“, which features Alexander of U-Kiss.  In this soft R&B number, Hye Ji’s mellow vocals create a dreamy, cotton candy-like ambience, while Alexander’s raps act as the string to ground the song.
Check out the video below!

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[PHOTOS] 110219 U-Kiss @ MTV Daum Music Fest (part VI)

thank you so much @ftnorinori ♥

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[PHOTOS] 110221 Kiseop @ Sponsor Update

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[PHOTOS] 110221 Kevin, Eli, Kiseop @ Kiss The Radio (Official Photos)

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[AUDIO] 110223 Hye Ji - Your Love (feat. Alexander of U-Kiss)

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[PHOTOS] 110211 Kevin @ 'Star Date' Press Conference

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[TRANS] 110222 Alexander's Twitter Update

To all Hong Kong fans, I believe that some of you are confused about the schedule for Hong Kong. Only ELI and Kevin will be going to Hong Kong to film the variety show today. The other members (including me) will not be attending. Maybe I will fly to Macau another time but the chances of me going there are slim. So please don't waste your time finding me, because you will not be able to find me in Hong Kong. And don't ask me why I'm not going Hong Kong, if you want to know ask my company or the organizer. Thank you!^-^

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[SCANS] 110222 U-Kiss @ ‘Trendy’ (Taiwan Magazine) - February Issue

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[PHOTO] 110222 Dongho @ with Lee Soo Yeon

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[PHOTOS] 110219 Alexander @ MTV Daum Music Fest

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