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[PHOTOS+VIDEO] U-Kiss - Offiicial Japanese Fnaclub + Sign

Signature for Japanese Kiss Mes Ooooh the hiragana is totally written by Xander oooh! his hand writting is so nice~
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[VIDEO+PHOTOS] U-Kiss - Seoul Train Interview + Perf

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[PHOTOS] 100822 U-Kiss & Kiss Me - Sports Day part 4

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[TRANS] U-KISS Star Express Special Interview In Hanryu Pia September 2010 Issue

Star Express Special Interview U-KISS

“Our charms are that we are of international and amicableness”

The person who spent his holiday after a long time lonely is?

To the K-POP fans,『SEOUL TRAIN』is an event they have all become familiar with. Appearing as the main act of July is U-KISS. So far, the same event goes with a 2 artists system. Placing 1 artist as the main is the first time.

kibum:The visit to Japan is already the 6th time. Till now, there are experiences of fanmeeting and showcase but as the main act of a live event is the first time. Because there is TV broadcasting also, I’m happy.

Soohyun:However, we will eagerly show a powerful stage as usual. Please also enjoy the talk where the each personality of us can be felt. But I’m slightly worried about Japanese language......

In September 2008, debuted as a 6 people group. With the view of going global, it is also known as the multinational army group which has gathered members who have overseas experiences in addition to South Korea, America, and Hong Kong. In November 2009, Kiseop joined in, to group of 7.

Alexander:Having become 7 people, the dance formation became easier to take on. Power went up!

Dongho:Originally, because I was in charge of the group’s cute, Kiseop entered and robbed me of the seat. (laugh)

Kiseop:Me, rather than cute, am in charge of laughter! I’m a mysterious character.

After addition of 1 person, the food expenses increase. And to earn that, they, who are working hard. (laugh) Since debut, they continue their activities energetically in each country of Asia. It seems that only a few days ago, finally they are able to get a holiday to catch one's breath. When talking about how did they spend their precious holiday......

Soohyun:Because only I had work, I did not get a holiday.

Kevin:I spent lots of time with my family.

Dongho: Because I was tired, I slept all the times.

Kibum: Me too. When I slept and got up, the holiday was over. So sad......

Eli:I went with my friend to the pension at Chonju.

Kiseop:Because my friend entered the army, I went to the pension at Gangcheon as a send-off party.

Alexander:As for me, because everyone seemed to be busy, I thought it was bad to invite them. So I went to Lotte world alone to play, watched movie alone, ate meal alone and then went home (laugh).

Alexander, who spent his lonely(!?) holiday alone is from Hong Kong. Korean, English, Mandarin, Portuguese、Japanese and because proficient in these 5 languages, he is called the ‘human translating machine’ by the members. Asked the international members, the memorable experience that they received cultural shock is ‘when they all went to Chimuchiruban (Health Spa) and were shocked by the figures walking around naked. But now, though I’ve also become really calm’ and with the mentality that when in Rome does as the Romans do, one will enjoy life in Korea.

Individual activities that utilize their personality and the charms of U-KISS's music

In this interview, their laughter never dies out and they who are good at talking have no intention of leaving the TV industry. Alexander and Kevin who are good in English are program MCs at English broadcasting Arirang TV which is aired in 188 countries over the world. Moreover, starting from September, in SBS Mon and Tue aired Drama 『I Am Legend』 starring Kim Jung Eun, the appearances of Dongho(Drum), Kevin(Guitar), Soohyun(Vocal), Kiseop(Bass) and Kibum(Keyboard) as Idol Band 『KISS BAND』have been decided. Hoping that their popularity will exceed A.N.Jell from the drama 『You’re Beautiful』.

In addition, the maknae, Dongho is in great demand in variety shows and the members also remarked that ‘Dongho is the most popular among us’ and has high popularity in the resting rooms. Originally aimed to be an actor, he who went China to study acting skills abroad, is casted in the movie 『Upstair’s Villian』recently starring South Korean actor Han Seok Gyu and actress Kim Hye Su. It has played a major push into the world of acting.

U-KISS, who also works aggressively in activities which utilize their individual personality, the best place to bring out their charm is the stage where they dance and sing as 7 people after all. The one who made their unique and addictive, highly distinctive sound is spirited producer 『Brave Brothers』 who has worked with hit songs of BIGBANG, BROWN EYED GIRLS, After School, Son Dambi and so on. A complete changeover from the cute image since debut to manly Kangnam dance 『Man Man Ha Ni』which pulled them up to the status of a popular group and『Bingeul Bingeul 』 though is a Korean song, was greatly selected as the theme song of FUJI TV 『If there is love to abandon, there is love to pick up』 are also by his hands. Inserting sound logo『Brave Sound』into the songs is the distinct characteristic and with strong impactful phrase, electric sound of nostalgic sense will stimulate the heartstrings of the Japanese.

For Kibum, who has been doing composing activities under the songwriting unit H&B with his elder brother, Hyungjun, the maknae of SS501, his elder brother's presence is said to stimulates his creator mind.

Kibum:Since volume 1, we have been working on production work together all the time. To have us making our own unique music, we have also come under great influence musically. When looking at his work as a producer, one becomes want to study hard and I also want to make music.

Hereafter, for them, Japan’s activities have also been planned. Surprised by the increasing numbers of young girls fans during their visit to Japan every time, how do they think about their own secret to popularity and about the fans?

Kibum:Our charms are that we are of international and amicableness. We hope to treat everyone of the fans like a family.

Kevin:The Japanese fans are very polite and we are thankful to them for always welcoming us. From now on also, please continue to love U-KISS!

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[NEWS] U-Kiss holds a mini-sports event..., with fan club members

U-Kiss and their fans became closer after their mini sports festival.

The multi-national pop group U-Kiss had a great time bonding with Kiss Me fan club members at the pep rally (game) held at Junggok Culture Center last August 22.

Since last May, the group is busy preparing for their new album and there are plans for a promotional tour in Asia and abroad.

Before the event started, the members said “We have been performing abroad quite a lot so it seems we have neglected the Korean fans. So this time, please be prepared for us.”

The mini sports festival began with a game called “OX Quiz Game,” followed by “Card Flip,” “group arm wrestling,” Bodyguard Dodgeball” and more. Throughout the event, U-Kiss members and the fans actively participated in games.

U-Kiss participated and finished every game and suggested a “group photo” with the fans. A dodgeball game also unfolded between 7 members and 14 fan representatives. Soo Hyun showed off his competitive side during the games and bragged about his “steel strength” alone, which became more amusing to the fans. There were other unscheduled games but it still gave a big joy to the fans.

Concerts and fan meetings are one way for groups and the fans to communicate with each other; however, it's such a rare opportunity for fans to eat lunch and spend time together with the idol group.

After the event, U-Kiss members stated “Due to our busy schedules, we sincerely apologize for not spending time with the fans. However, this long-awaited event is more fun because we enjoyed spending time together and doing exercise routines with the fans.”

Meanwhile, the group prepared a new album which is scheduled to release in September. The group will showcase a different look and will provide better music and performance to their fans.

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[PHOTOS] U-Kiss - Various Sponsor Update

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[PHOTOS] Alexander & Kibum Dinner w/ Miss A

Kibum,fei,xander n jia 4 guys ,is not only xander n jia ,please don't 오해!

Don't Misunderstand, Kibum and Xander just eating w/ Miss A
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[PHOTOS] 100825 Eli W/ Dream Team {Recording}

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[NEWS] KPOP: Intensity : RAIN and U-KISS concert this September 11, 2010 (Official Press Release)

KPOP: Intensity : RAIN and U-KISS concert this September 11, 2010 (Official Press Release)

SMART and TV5 present

featuring: RAIN and U-KISS
with special guest Christian Bautista

September 11, 2010 @ 8PM
at SM Mall of ASia Open Grounds

AUGUST 25, 2010 | Manila – All set! RAIN is coming to Manila! Smart and TV5 bagged the hippest event of the year: INTENSITY featuring Rain and U-Kiss with Special Guest Christian Bautista on September 11, 2010 at the SM Mall of Asia Open Grounds. The one-night-only gig would definitely give you the ultimate KPop experience like no other!

Ready your dance moves and your screams as you get your tickets for the biggest KPop event in Manila!
Get your VIP ticket for P4,500, Gold ticket for P3,000, Silver ticket for P1, 500 and General Admission ticket for P500 (*prices do not include 3% service charge)!

For inquires, you may check TicketWorld (log on to or call 891-9999) or any SM Tickets (visit any SM Cinema Ticket booth across the nationwide chain of SM Supermalls or call 470-2222).

INTENSITY featuring RAIN & U-KISS with Special Guest Christian Bautista is Presented by Smart and TV5; Co-Presented by Free Road Entertainment and SM Mall of Asia; Official Media Partners: Business Mirror, Business World, Philippine Daily Inquirer and The Philippine Star; Official Radio Partners: U92, RX93.1, Mellow 94.7, UR 105.9, Y101 Cebu, Home Radio 97.9, 95.5 Hit Radio Davao, 92.3 Wild FM Davao, GV FM 99.1

INTENSITY featuring RAIN & U-KISS with Special Guest Christian Bautista is a production of All Youth Channels, Inc.

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