Friday, May 28, 2010

[GIF] Soohyun's Sexy Wave in Binguel Binguel

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Its the Abs!

as requested Soohyun Spam~
Credits: kissmeukiss + as tagged

[TWITTER] 100528 Alexander's Ice Cream!

Credits: kissmeukiss + alexander_0729

[VIDEO] 100526 Dongho - Love Chaser EP 1

The girl is the MC of Star Golden bell Lee Jaeyoung and Dongho is the Secret Admirer! well you can say its like a dating show... or more like confess your feelings shows...? I love the part were the Girl Jae Young is blindfolded and he get to touch Dongho and he was like giggling so Sweet I can;t keep from grinning! hahaha Butterflies in My Stomach!!
Credits: kissmeukiss2

[TWITTER] 100528 Soohyun's - Cute Selca + w/ Sister

Soohyun and his Sister

Sel-Ca means Self Cam~
Credits: kissmeukiss + ukissSH

[PHOTOS] U-Kiss - "Chef Kiss" Official Site

Dongho is missing kekeke

Credits: kissmeukiss chef kiss site

[PHOTOS] Lee Kiseop - PreDebut Spams~ part 2

Kiseop Spam as requested!
Credits: kissmeukiss

[TWITTER] 100528 Amber & Soohyun + Alexander

Credits: ukissSH+ alexander's Tweet

[GIF] 100525 U-Kiss - Idol League EP 4 part 2

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Credits: kissmeukiss +kyukyu

[PHOTOS] Dongho, Kiseop & Xander - Cute Polaroid

This one is a Bonous from me! kiseop is so cute here~

Credits: kissmeukiss +as tagged


WE WON!! U-Kiss will Stay!! I hope they'll Stay Till' the END!
Credits: kissmeukiss@youtube

[VIDEO] 100527 U-Kiss Apologies for Concert Postponement

Credits: ukissmusicbox

[PHOTOS] 100527 U-Kiss - Yogolseo Diary 2 News Cover

Sorry !!! I was Out All day, grab some Jap. Food & Aunite Annes and Watched! Prince of Persia OSM Jake!! I love you!

Credits: kissmeukiss +as tagged

[PHOTOS] U-Kiss - MTV Idol League Official stills

Credits: kissmeukiss +MTV