Friday, August 26, 2011

[TWITTER] 110825 U-Kiss Japan's Official Twitter Update



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[PHOTOS] 110825 Kibum @ Ameblo Update

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[NEWS] 110825 Y-Star goes behind the scenes for U-Kiss’ “Neverland” MV

Following closely behind the release of U-Kiss’ new music video teaser for “Neverland, Y-Star News recently revealed their behind-the-scenes footage for U-Kiss’ new music video!

The boys kicked off the interview with a strong and cheerful greeting to the viewers of Y-Star News, and the video showed how hard the members were working for the filming of their music video as they dripped in sweat while dancing on the 'snowing' set.

When asked if he was too tired, Kiseop replied in a cheerful tone while trying to catch his breath, “It’s okay, it’s because I’m not fully adjusted yet. I’ll work harder and show everyone a better side of me.”

The reporter commented while watching the boys dance on the set, “Kiseop says he’s fine, but his body doesn’t seem to be okay.” She continued, “The members don’t seem to have a chance to rest and relax even when they are on break, perhaps because they haven’t been active in Korea for a while, and also because of their powerful dance choreography.”

When asked about how they had been while living in Japan and preparing for their Japanese debut, Soohyun started to reply, “The food in Osaka is really good, so we would sneak out without our manager...”, and then paused in the middle of his sentence while giving their manager a guilty glance, which lead the other members to burst out into awkward laughter.

Soohyun tried to retract his statement by saying, “Actually we always go out with our manager hyung~ How could we sneak out by ourselves?”, to which Hoon cheekily replied, “We don’t remember ever going out by ourselves but you do, I guess you sneaked out by yourself~”. AJ also agreed with Hoon and commented, “Yeah, you must have gone out by yourself.”

The U-Kiss members managed to quickly wrap up the awkward conversation by exclaiming, “We love you manager hyung!”

The video also went on to talk about their plans for releasing their second album in September and actively promoting their album in Korea before making their official debut in Japan towards the end of the year.

Towards the end of their interview, the boys were asked what they wished to do while promoting their second album, to which Dongho confessed, “I don’t know if I should be saying this, but I want to receive first place and become close with female singers…“.

When none of the other members added their thoughts to this statement, Dongho exclaimed, “We all talked about this, why are you acting like we didn’t!”, to which AJ replied with a laugh, “Our pretty Dongho is so honest~”.

Good luck to U-Kiss with their upcoming promotions.

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