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[NEWS]100616 U-KISS's Pleasant Challenge "We Create Focus"

7 Members Idol Group
7-Years-Old Focus Newspaper
Experiencing a one day honor as journalists

Idol group U-KISS (Alexander, Kevin, Eli, Kibum, Soohyun, Dongho and Kiseop) is attacking Focus Newspaper.

On June 11th, 7-members group U-KISS visited 'Focus Newspaper' headquarter at Seocho for Focus Newspaper's 7th Anniversary special edition that will be released on June 16th. On that day, they got to experience a 1 day honor of being part of production crew such as topic selection, photography, editing and lots more.

They put aside their fun and bubbly images and put on a serious look while transforming into journalists. The person who was interviewed is Dongho. The subject of the interview was revolved around Dongho, who was recently being casted in a movie "Upstair's Villain".

Interviewing Dongho regarding his acting debut
They are hiding their playful side and concentrating on material collections for the topic
Kibum "I'll do my best even if it's a small role"
Dongho "The pressure is high...what if people won't come to the preview?"

"I never thought of being an actor from a singer, I will work hard."

U-KISS's maknae, Dongho, is the first member from the group to debut as an actor in the country (South Korea). However, you have garnered so much interest because you will be acting with big stars such as Han Seok Gyu and Kim Hye Su. You have passed the casting process and was given the role of an 'ulljjang' in the movie "Upstair's Villain".

"It's not really a big role. My role is an ulljjang who goes to the same school as the main role's daughter. I won't appear much but I hope that I can leave a strong impression through the short appearance."

U-KISS is currently appearing in SBS ETV real food variety program "Chef's Kiss" as well as other programs. In the middle of their busy schedules, U-KISS will be having their first ever concert in Philippines on June 14th, and you were practicing and studying the scripts over your free time.

"I read the scripts before going to bed and will ask for help during acting session. I must practice even while on the move. Even if I’m tired, I don't have much time to sleep as I was using my sleep time to practice."

Kibum and Eli debuted as actors first, even thought their acting debut were in Thailand and not in Korea, but the two of them gave a lot of encouragement to Dongho.

"The appearances in the movie is just for a short time. However, I don't think that you should overlook it. It is because each role has their its own impact in the drama/film. Since short cuts can ruin the flow of the movie, it makes you want to take on the responsibility eagerly and work hard on it." (Kibum)

The members help you sincerely by giving you strength. However, you are hoping that the members will not come for the premier only because it will give you pressure.

"I watched Kibum hyung and Eli hyung's acting in 'Autumn Destiny'. I feel embarrassed (compared to my acting skills). It's good if you can go to the premier but please pay a bit of attention to me when I come out. I'll be thankful even if you're avoiding me."

The shooting is scheduled to start in mid-July. Unfortunately, it will overlaps with U-KISS's new single album activities. However, you promise to work hard for both activities.

"The activities (for U-KISS album) are still unknown. I just want to work hard in singing and acting. It might sound greedy but since I'm still young, I want to get my hands on various areas (in entertainment industry). I will work really hard in this movie too, just like when I'm singing, I will show you what I can do as an actor."

Material collectors . Photographer . Cameraman . Everyone is fighting for their role!

Meeting with the Editorial Director, discussing about the venue and how to conduct the interview

Riding the Editorial Director's car and heading for the interview

Today’s interviewee is Dongho… Real questioning starts

In the middle of photography and shooting in the studio

In the process of editing and writing article

Editing the rough article for the readers

Holding the printed copy of their final product, after the printing process

"It will be better if the interviewee is a girl group...."
U-KISS completed their newspaper production successfully
"This is hard... but the role playing was really fun"

"It was a meaningful day. We tried a lot of new things while collecting the materials"

On the 11th, U-KISS will be heading to Philippines for 3 days for their first concert. Although they are really busy practicing for their first ever concert, U-KISS is very satisfied and felt accomplished as they worked together to complete their one day experience as journalists.

Singers and journalists met the most during album promotions. However, they never get to experience the process that the media went through in order to publish the news to the readers.

After the interview had finished, the content needed to be analyzed carefully in order to write the article. Then, highlighting the proper subject in order to come out with an appropriate title, as well as picking the right layout. After that, the article will be going into the process of proof-reading and revision once again to make sure that the title meets the content and free of any error, before going through the printing process.

"We always meet the journalists. However, we don't know how hard it is as we do not have any direct experience (in journalism). We felt like a professional (journalists) while doing it. Also, we had lots of fun while experiencing this."

There must be a time where you guys faced difficulty while experiencing this. Any complaints(?) about the interview.

"We're a boy group. We didn't really show much when we were interviewing one of our members. But if it was a (pretty) girl group members, we'll be working harder."

The fun has been fold and you guys showed your sincerity while doing the job, but I heard that you guys used harsh words among each other.

"As you know, we like having fun and is a playful bunch of people. We can't stay calm even for 1 hour. It was really frustrated when we wanted to pick on each other but we couldn't. It was nothing serious actually. If we couldn't (pick on members), we will try to find chances for it."

The members' journalism experience testimonial

▶Alexander (Editorial Director)

"I have to conduct the meetings as I was picked as the leader and the Editorial Director, I felt the pressure to set the direction of the article. I held the responsibility for everything. I guess, all leaders are having a hard time."

▶Kibum . Soohyun (Journalists)

"We laughed once we saw his (Dongho) face. He was trembling because we were in the same group. We didn’t know what must we asked him because we knew him too well. He knew this as well, and he didn’t ask anything either. However, through this kind of opportunity, we get to know the members' thoughts."

▶Kiseop (Photographer)

"I'm always interested in photography. I felt really satisfied whenever I get to hold the camera. I would keep talking pictures non-stop."

▶Eli (Cameraman)

"I have a lot of interest in photography but being a cameraman was fun too. Although I was a bit confused on how to align the focus of the camera, but soon, I became familiar with it."

▶케빈(편집기자) Kevin (Editor)

"This is a creative work. I need to read the article, edit the title, and then , selecting the right pictures to match them with the article. While picking the right layout, I was hesitating a lot on how to grab the attention of the readers."

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[NEWS] 100624 U-KISS's Dongho Revealed His Uljjang Nuna

U-KISS's Dongho has become the topic of conversation as he revealed his ulljjang cousin (a nuna).

In the latest SBS E!TV "Chef's Kiss", U-KISS invited special guests to the restaurant that they operate among themselves. U-KISS members get to invite their family members and friends to spend some time with them.

Especially Dongho, who gained lots of attention on that day by introducing his ulljjang nuna cousin for the first time. She gave off the aura of a celebrity with her outstanding beauty and fashion sense, which had caught the attention of all the staffs at the back door.

In this episode, gagwoman An Yeong Mi and actor Han Sang Jin unexpectedly came to the restaurant to look for the boys, which made the boys feel proud. This episode will be aired on June 25th at 12 o'clock.

In this episode too, U-KISS members kept complaining throughout the filming. Eventually, those complaints led to a conflict within the team where they were battling about their ideas, which led to Kibum shedding tears will be revealed too.

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