Thursday, October 7, 2010

[VIDEOS] 07.10.2010 – Before Yesterday + Shut Up @ Mnet Countdown

Wasn't able to watch clearly a while ago because it lagged so much. :(
Going to watch their comeback in MUSIC BANK clearly tomorrow in my aunt's house! :)

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[VIDEO] 101007 U-Kiss @ 'Shut Up!' MV

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[INFO] 101006 U-Kiss - no.1 Album on korean Charts


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[TRANS] U-Kiss 'Break Time' Thanks to

First of all ALL the glory to GOD~!♡ I want to thank God. My parents (Daddy-O a.k.a Uncle A & mommy @Chungmi) my sister Victoria nuna (I miss you!) My grandfather who is in heaven, our pretty grandmother Kyeonghee Mama, my aunts, Aunt Jane and Uncle JC (Aunt! You're the one who made me into a U-KISS member! Thank you! ^^) Aunt Jean (my pretty aunt in Singapore). Uncle Choongseob, Teacher Park Eunah (Nuna at the health club! Keke~). Jaeson Ma (My sooo cool pastor bro) & Vanness Van Wu (SOL bros! You guys re-opened my heart!! 0901). Armindo (miss u bro!) Pastor Johan (Master~ Keke) & my family at Macau Presbyterian Church! (Thank you for always supporting and praying for me! ^^)
NH EMG Presedent Kim & wife Bang Eun Hee (Congratulations on your wedding! Be happy! Bbang nuna~ Please treat us well in future!^^ ♡)
Songwriter Kim Tae Hyun and Kim Tae Wan, DM hyung, songwriter PJ who wrote good songs for us (Thank you! It was fun recording too!^^) Iceland!! (Thank you for filming the Man Man Ha Ni + Bingeul Bingeul + Shut up music videos well! Ju Hee Shin nuna daebak!) Lee Yong Hee nuna (Best ideas!) Bboyoon nuna (Best photos!) Almighty Stylist Kyeongmi nuna (Ha~~~ Kyeongmi! ___! Keke!). Shin Hyung Jun hyung (Cool choreographies!). Brave brothers' Dongcheon hyung (You're the man! Thank you for writing good songs for us since debut!) & everyone at BRAVE Sound. ElectroBoyz (Maboos hyung ma rap teacher & Randy hyung). The stylists at Avenue Juno + staffs (Stylist Eun Hae, Taehyun hyung... There are so many names! Keke~ Thank you for doing our Hair & Make-up so well!) Eunkyung nuna, Seong Hee nuna & friends @ JYP (Although we're not from the same agency, thank you for always taking care of us!) Han Sang Ho hyung (My cool health trainer!). Arirang Pops in Seoul & the M wave family. Isak nuna, Younha @younhaholic (Cheer up! Hehe~).
NH EMG family (Lee Jong Hwa, Tae Un hyung, Tae Suk hyung, Hwa Suk hyung, Tae Yeon hyung, Mun Sung hyung, Chang Wan hyung, Jiyeong nuna) Fighting!!!
Last but never the least, our one and only love & support... KISS-ME INTERNATIONAL!!! (Please continue to support us in future! I love you~ ^3^) GOD BLESS EVERYONE!!!

P.S. Hey U-KISS.. We're not relatives but my kind younger brothers who live and worry like a real family... Really love you guys.. I love you~♥ We're the best! U-Kiss fighting!!!

It's already the 5th time we're releasing an album. Thank you very very much!!! Firstly, to my father who is in heaven, thank you.
Soohyunie has come up to here! I will work harder. Dad, help me from heaven... ^^ And my mum who went through a lot in raising me, I love you. And Dad!! Give Mum more love~ Hahahaha. Eun Hye nuna, Da Hye, thank you very very much and I love you~ Haha awkward~ Maehyung nuna thanks for treating me well!
Daddy President Kim Nam Hee, thank you very very much for bringing U-Kiss here today! And Mum?! Bang Eun Hee who always takes care of us. Haha nuna!!! Heh really, thank you. ^^
And our NH Media family Jong Hak __, Tae Suk hyung, Hwa Suk hyung, Tae Yeon hyung, Tae Un hyung, Mun Sung hyung. And new face Chang Wan hyung, Ji Yeong nuna! Thank you so so much for going through so much because of us. We have to be big hits this time. ^^
And Kim Myeong Hoon hyung, Ji Hyeon nuna! Paran hyungs, SS501 hyungs! Thank you~ ^^ And songwriters Taehyun hyung, Taewan hyung, ____ hyung who wrote cool songs for us, thank you. ^^ Dressing the 7 of us up and following us around everyday, our Kyeongmi nuna, really, thank you!!
Haha Eunhae, I'm thankful too, you know right? And the stylists and staff at Avenue JUNO who always give us nice hair and make-up, thank you ^^ And Boyoon nuna who takes totally cool!!! photos! Yonghee nuna who always takes care of us~ Thank you very very very much~ Haha. Director Ju Hee Seon and ICELAND team and staff who filmed our Man Man Ha Ni, Bingeul Bingeul and this time's great MV, thank you~ ^^ And Hyungjun hyung who gave us cool choreographies, we really should go out and have fun once!! ^^
Although I can't contact you often or meet up often, the people I'm always thinking of, my friends!!! Seok In, Mo Jeong, Kwang Jin, Min Sung, In Seop, Ji Hoon, Jae Seob, thank you! And the director of my Taekwondo school, Jang Dae Jin, who helped me a lot when I was going through a hard time when I was younger, thank you. ^^ Mr Won Kam too~~ ^^ I'm thinking about the food we ate then... Haha. And, Teachers Kang Hyung Sun, Ji Sun Hong, Kim Jae Chun who helped me when I was having a hard time training and studying in high school, I still remember you. ^^ Thank you. REX Fitness, Hyung Jini hyung who helped in helping me attain my figure, thank you. ^^ My ____ forever, Yongjun hyung, thank you~ ^^ Those who were with me when we were trainess, Kwon, KiKwang, Dongwoon, Jihyeon hyung, Jaebum hyung, Junsu hyung, Sun Ye, So hee, Sun Mi, Hyunah, Seo Hee, I still remember it vividly~ And Battle hyungs!! Heh. Eugene nuna, Yubin nuna, G.NA nuna, Hyosung, Ji Won nuna, Lee Chul hyung, I still remember training with you when I was having a hard time. Helping me a lot without knowing, Hee Seok nuna, Bongoon hyung, Yeon Jung nuna, Seong Hee nuna, Dayoung nuna, Jakyung nuna, thank you, always..!
Other 2pm, 2am members which I'm close too~ Haha. Beast members, MBLAQ members, F.Cuz~~~~~~ ZE:A! It was really fun meeting all of you during our schedules ^^ Teukie hyung and Eunhyuk hyung who helped me a lot when I was on Sukira, thank you ^^ Shindong hyung, Shinyoung nuna who I'm always glad to meet at the radio~ Thank you. Haha. Ah and Miss A members, kekeke. All fun people!! Suzy who is really mature... Our U-Kiss members Xander hyung, Kibum, Kevin, Eli, Kiseop, Dongho, you know I'm always thankful and I love you, right? ^^
And lastly, the people I really really love~ Kiss Me, you know I really love you right?
Let's get 1st this time and cry~ ^^ Please support us more!
Everybody whom I know, I'm always thank you and I'm sorry that I cannot write every one of your names ㅠㅠ
Soohyunie will not forget his original goals and show you a hardworking side all the time!! Thank you..
Ah! And lastly.. Hmm ____ Kiss me chu~ ♡

For U-Kiss to have risen up till where we are now
I thank everyone who helped us, from the bottom of my heart.
We worked hard to repay you with a top album.
Please continue to support us for the 7 members of U-Kiss to be forever.

No Kiseop yet~

Thank God who has always led us to the right path. Without my family who I love, I wouldn't be in this position today. Thank you to the stylists and staff at Avenue JUNO for our hair and make up. ICELAND director and staff's music videos are the best! Thank you for going through all the trouble. Boyoon nuna and Yong Hee nuna, thank you for our cool jacket photoshoot and design. Thank you Seo Yoon Kwon PD and Ji Hoon hyung for helping us out with the filming. BH hyung who always gives me strength with his words when I'm down, I love you, =] My Kiss Me all over the world! Thank you!! If we didn't have you, we won't have U-Kiss.
Hyungjun hyung for our cool choreographies! Daebak daebak! Our Arirang family!! Thank you very much. Without Arirang, U-Kiss would not have been able to grow overseas! Fighting in future too~!! Continue to take care of us!
Always going through troubles for us, our NH Family! Thank you for always grabbing broadcast schedules for us to appear on. Let's go on together for life~
Mr President! My heartfelt congratulations on your wedding. Please be happy! Mrs Bang Eun Hee! I love you~ ♡ And lastly, everybody reading this, thank you. I dedicate this album to you.
I will do my best. Please love U-Kiss a lot, fighting!! Let's be a big hit this time!

I would like to give thanks to God for all of His blessings. All my thanks to God. Mum, Dad, Deanna~ Thank you for always believing and supporting me! I Love You~ President Kim Nam Hee who always takes care of us like a father, and Bang Eun Hee sunbae for loving us like a mother~ Thank you very much and always be happy~!! ^^ Our manager hyungs who always go through a lot for us! Hwa Suk hyung, Tae Suk hyung, Tae Un hyung, Tae Yeon hyung, Mun Sung hyungm and Chang Wan hyung~ I love you~!!! And Jiyeong nuna!! NH EMG family fighting~! ^^ Hyungjun hyung who gave us cool choreographies, Boyoon nuna and Yonghee nuna who take pretty photos for us, Kyeongmi nuna who always handles our outfits, AVENUE JUNO for our hair and make-up and Sunyeong Ssaem, Juni nuna, songwriters Kim Tae Hyun, Kim Tae Wan, DM hyung, PJ for writting us great songs, ICELAND who made our MV into a piece of art! Everybody who helped out in producing this album, thank you~! ^^ KISS ME who always support and love us! I can't live without Kiss Me~~~ I love you! To all our KISS ME International~ We will always love you for your unconditional love and support! Thank you! U-KISS members who give me stregth by my side~ Alexander hyung, Soohyun hyung, Kibum hyung, Kiseop, Eli and our maknae Dongho! Thank you and I love you~!!! ♡♡ Thanks to our U-KISS members Alexander, Soohyun, Kibum, Kiseop, Eli and baby Dongho for always being there for me! Love ya!

All glory to God who brought us to where we are today and for the release of this album. My parents who brought me into this world and raised this disobedient son for 17 years, worrying for me behind my back! I love you♡ Love you♡ My family who always prays for us, thank you~ Love you♡ Ppuppu ya~ This is the kind of person daddy is~!! Kekeke. My 7 brothers whom I love, my U-Kiss members I love you~u~ Heh
Newlyweds President Kim Name Hee and Bang Eun Hee who got married not long ago!
Thank you!! I will make a delicious rib stew for you soon, heh.
Our manager hyungs, stylist nunas and nunas at the company who have been through a lot because of us 7 troublemakers, thank you. Heh. My 2nd family! U-Kiss member hyungs, I love you~ Let's hold on and fighting!! ♡♡
Also, everybody who shed blood and sweat in producing this cool album.
I sincerely apologise for not being able to write everyone of your precious names. Heh. But I really want to thank all of you from the bottom of my heart. Heh. And my lovely Kiss Me who supported us for the past 2 years, I love you ♡ x Infinity. Now with this album, U-Kiss will fly to greater heights!! Please continue to give us lots and lots of love in future because the 7 of us will only love Kiss Me forever!!!
Everybody please support only us too~♡

Kiss Me, I love you ♡
Kiss Me fighting! U-Kiss fighting!

CREDITS: jungsimmode (SCANS) + ukissme.SG (TRANSLATIONS)
Shared By: kissmeukiss
Missing parts will be filled in when we get to words more clearly ~.~

[PHOTOS+VIDEO] 101006 U-Kiss - Suanbo 2010 Korea Hot springs Fest

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[PHOTOS] 101002 U-Kiss - Hyeon SukHee - BeuRaBora Radio Event

Credits: kissmeukiss + YOU & I jiaren83
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[VIDEO] 101006 Kibum & Kiseop @ Made in Japan

Credits: kissmeukiss + uploader
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[PHOTOS] U-Kiss - Updated Naver Profiles - Xander ??

But a Cute Little Preview here

and save these girls~

Read more to see~
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