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[NEWS] 101112 U-Kiss' Soohyun & Kiseop: Tower Records '1 Day Store Managers'

On 10th Nov, Korean popular male group U-Kiss' members, Soohyun and Kiseop came to the Tower Records Shibuya store to become '1-day store managers'.

From 26th Oct, Tower Records Shibuya store started ‘K-Pop Lovers Shop’. In replacement, the panels of now in-season Korean artists are on display and it is a success with crowd in front of the booth all the time.

Soohyun and Kiseop signed on an extra-large panel which was established on the 1st floor, and later on, at the 5th floor, the ‘Business Card Presentation’ was held. A total of 800 distinguished fans attended. 

On this occasion, we interviewed them prior to the Business Card Presentation, the impression of the fans in front and their desires for advancement into Japan were heard. 

- On the large number of fans came rushing, your thoughts are...

Soohyun: Even though it is only 2 members, I am very surprised that so many fans came. Because always cheering for us, each time I have come to feel that “I must work harder” and now I always think about what I can do for the fans. 

- Why is it two people, Soohyun and Kiseop this time?

Soohyun: Because to appear in the show Made in BS Japan that is broadcasted from 18:00 every Wednesday, this time Kiseop and I came to Japan. Every week, 2~3 members will come to Japan for live recording. The members are also looking forward to seeing all the Japanese fans every week.

- How is your Japanese study coming along?

Kiseop: When there are words that I don’t know, I will try to ask immediately. I revise it regularly. I’ve been taking notes and studying considerably but remembering it is very difficult. 

- The influence of K-Pop in Japan is great but the enthusiasm in doing own activities itself...

Kiseop: We will also do our best so as to get a little closer to the fans. We would like to show cool performances on stage, so please look forward. 

Soohyun: We are glad when they can feel us up close. Please have contact with us like the feeling of ‘friends’. Able to feel the sense of closeness is one of the charms of U-Kiss. Please support us. Thank you. 

U-Kiss will release the long-awaited Japan first album First Kiss on 10th Dec and hold solo concert in Tokyo.Osaka in the same month. A special event on 9th Dec (Thurs) at Tower Records Shibuya store is also scheduled.

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[PHOTOS] 101221 Kiseop, Dongho @ 'Real School' Smart Photoshoot (Sponsor)

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[TRANS] 101221 Alexander & Soohyun @ Interview in 'Hanryu Pia'

Unpublished Photos! The Keen Desires of U-Kiss' Alexander & Soohyun Are?

(the other photos are here)

Tomorrow 22nd December is finally the sale date of Hanryu Pia 1/31 issue! Once again, there are lots of wonderful interviews ranging from actors to K-POP artists. Please look forward. Among them today, we deliver the backstage interview of U-Kiss’ members, Alexander & Soohyun!

U-Kiss who serves as Wednesday regular MC in Made In BS Japan broadcasted by BS Japan (unfortunately seems will be graduating on 22nd December, the sale date of Hanryu Pia (tears)). Coverage of this was done after the same program.

Is it because of the tension of live broadcasting (?), thanks to the perfectly bright characters of the duo, laughter filled the room during the photo shoot which was done earlier. Please check with this magazine by all means which the post will help in better understanding the relationship of the duo. Introducing the cuts in @Hanryu Pia which are not included in the magazine!

As for the interview after the shooting, also constant laughing (the interpreter next to Alexander can’t raise her body because of laughter?) and was conducted in a warm atmosphere. Till now, the duo who have visited Japan many times, mentioned about their trouble that they did not have time to enjoy Japan due to ultra-heavy schedules. Alexander keenly appealed, “Because it is always night after the work is over, most of the shops are closed. Therefore, the two of us, have only been to Don Quijote for shopping! We want to try shopping in town where many young people are gathered such as Shibuya and Harajuku~!!

Rainbow, the junior of KARA, who had a break this year, also talked with great excitement “Cute!!” at the topic of Don Quijote during the interview and TVXQ’s Yunho also had mentioned the theme song of Don Quijote as a favorite song. I’ve also encountered situations which I ran into BEAST’s members by chance during shopping (laugh). The shopping spot for busy K-POP artists might be Don Quijote!?

And, they also said much about the episode of their activity song ‘Shut Up!’ in Korea. Speaking about the choreography, “the action of like cutting with a sword” which has become the point of the same song, but actually, another way seems was the point first. That is the scene where “at the ear, round out the hand”. “In fact, after many people had seen it, the action like cutting with a sword was impressive, so here it became the main”, said Soohyun who taught me. By the way, what would the dance be named? Please check out the answer in Hanryu Pia 1/31!

The release of first album First KISS in Japan on December 10, and the album Break Time which was released in Korea in October makes a big hit; U-Kiss who has achieved a hit in both Japan and Korea. It is more and more impossible to take one's eyes off from their activities and their whole changing real faces!

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[VIDEO] 101220 U-Kiss @ Showbiz Extra - Star Diary

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[PHOTOS] 101221 U-Kiss, Girl's Day @ 'We Are Dating' Ep. 3

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[VIDEOS] 101217 U-Kiss, Girl's Day @ 'We Are Dating' Ep. 2 (english subbed cuts) - part III

The last couple is Soohyun and Yura.

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[PHOTOS] 101218 Alexander @ The M-Wave Concert

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[PHOTOS] 101217 Alexander @ The M-Wave Concert

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[TWITTER] 101221 Soohyun's Update

이건몰랐죠???? 저도이거있다구요 하하 ~~~ 우리케빈이 뮤지컬 "온에어"많이보러와주세요!! 카드있는사람 무조건 오기!!!!!

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[TWITTER] 101220 Alexander's Update III

S(^^)S What made Xander SMILE??? CHRISTMAS PRESENT from DAD @anthonyeusebio & MOM @chungmi~!!! THANK YOU!!!♥v)/

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