Monday, June 14, 2010

[PHOTOS] 100613 U-Kiss - Incheon Airport

I really like theirs clothes~ Dongho and Alexanders~ cute~
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[GIF] 100608 U-Kiss Shin Junghwan PD Variety Show EP 1

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[PHOTOS] 100613 U-Kiss - Edsa Shangrila Hotel

Meh So lazy with the Logo
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[PHOTOS+VIDEO] U-KISS - Edsa Shangrila Fan-meet & Pool

Baby Dongho's Birthday~ Dongho~ really changed He's More Hot and Handsome hehehe

"I will grow up better...I will grow up to be more handsome." Credits: KATR1A

I've swim in that pool before, when my family went over OMG this is Like OMG *imagines* I've used those towels before anyway just sad, I hope they just Camed them and not bother them coz' they're like trying to talk to them privacy I hope they just HID i kinda feel sorry~
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[VIDEO] 100610 U-Kiss Heroes Challenge EP 3

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[PHOTOS] 100612 Kibum - PKL's Starry Night Radio

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