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[TWITTER] 100831 ALVIN - The M Wave MC

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[PHOTOS] 090310 U-Kiss - Manager's Cyworl Update {Old}

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[TRANS] U-KISS SPEAKABLE SECRET in Easy Magazine September 2010 Issue

Recently, because of idol and strength preparation done before debuting, U-Kiss has been chosen by the producer to participate in the filming of SBS New drama [I Am Legend]. They will appear in the form of a band. Not only at work, they have also shown their most honest appearances in reality. About those questions that revolve around themselves, they revealed all what they know. Hate to be compared with his elder brother? Likes to wear girl attire? Are they really a couple? Let’s see what they have said~

Secret 1 Key word
Younger Brother & Real Name

2 searching key words: ‘the younger brother of SS501’s Kim Hyungjun’ and ‘real name Kim Kibum’ always revolved around member, Kibum. About the first term, Kibum doesn’t mind always being mentioned as the younger brother of Hyungjun. As to always being brought into comparison with his elder brother, he is also very calm. He said modestly that there’s nothing he can surpass his elder brother. “My elder brother has taken away the entire good DNA. I came with the remaining DNA.”

Regarding the name ‘Kim Kibum’ which often appears in the entertaining world, he once had the idea of coming up with a stage name. When one searches ‘Kim Kibum’ on the internet, the first one that appears is the hyung from Super Junior and then SHINee’s Key. I have to search for ‘U-Kiss’s Kibum’ before it will appear. Actually I discussed this matter with the company before. But then thinking of it that “the name was given by parents, does it matter? Since we are in different group, it doesn’t matter, so I still use my real name”

Secret 2 Hair style
The Black & Bowl Cut

The one among the members who has the most changes in hairstyle perhaps is Dongho. The greatest contrast is the cornrow hairstyle in 1st single and the bowl cut in 2nd single. Dongho’s fully braided hair left a deep impression when he debuted. It seems to be too shocking for a child who is just over 10 plus years old. But Dongho felt pretty good that time. “When everyone speaks of U-KISS, ‘Ah, is that group which has a child with cornrows braided hairstyle?’ It left a deep impression on people, so I thought it wasn’t that bad.”

However, when he still had the cornrows braided hairstyle, Dongho thought his face appeared to be 15 years old, but there are always people who said that is not a 15 years old face and they even thought that I was an undergraduate. Everyone thought that Kevin is the maknae in the group that time. The moment Dongho said he is the maknae, everyone was shocked. But for the bowl cut during the 2nd single, Dongho turned into a child all of a sudden which was very cute and he received many praises. Dongho said even his character also turned childish that time.

Secret 3 Suit-dress
Likes & Dislikes

Dongho said perhaps there will be people who say he is a pervert after hearing this but he feels that he looks quite nice in female attire. The first time wearing skirt, stockings and though I wore leggings that time, it was really cold. But it looks pretty good and when I looked at my own appearance in the mirror, I will think: Wo~it’s pretty good what. Of course I still like to be a guy. Kevin said when Dongho sent the photo after makeup and message to him, in the beginning he was still thinking whether it is a fan that sent her own photo over but is Dongho after looking closely.

And for Kevin, although he is good at girls’ songs and dances and members remarked that his hands and legs are like of a girl, even also like a girl when he doesn’t move, is most suitable for girls wear, but Kevin said he actually doesn’t like that. “I’m also a guy what, of course I hope to be more man, and if looks like a girl……”

Secret 4 Good friends
Couple & Brothers

Because of a photo where Soohyun hugged 2AM’s Jokwon from the back taken during trainee period, there were fans who said they are a couple. He said he is indeed very close with Jokwon, and even often goes to his house and hostel to play, but absolutely not in a relationship. Soohyun said he likes this phrase “I love you” a lot, so he also uses it on members frequently. Dongho disclosed that there was a time where many fans were present, but Soohyun still called him over. Dongho asked in reply why he had to go over and Soohyun said, “Hello, recently is to promote 2 Shin ah.”

Alexander said among the members themselves, they will send things such as heart. Kibum said they also often use “What are you doing? Darling” this kind of words normally when they send short messages. And about fans-created CP, Kibum feels that “although it’s pretty interesting, but to accept it seriously is a little……”

Secret 5 Makeup
Followings & Dark Circles

Lately, the smoky eyes makeup of boy groups is the trend and each major boy group all has glamorous smokey eye image. U-Kiss is also of no exception, also taking the mature and callous concept this year. But regarding their ‘smokey followings’, U-Kiss has their own another theory. They are not shy to say that putting on smokey makeup is not to look good, but the main reason is ------- to cover flaws. Kibum said if they don’t put on smokey makeup, their complexion will seem to be not too good and people will have the impression that their bodies look slightly uncomfortable. He said, “If they don’t makeup like this, Dongho’s dark circles will be very serious."

Dongho said he once tried putting one eye with smokey eye makeup and wiping away the smokey eye makeup of the other eye and in the end, other people who saw it said, “What is this? Ah~ your eye lining has smudged.” That is to say removing makeup is almost the same as not removing makeup. The dark circles have troubled Dongho very much, but with smokey eye makeup, all problems can be resolved.

Secret 6 No leader
Family Members & Pets

U-Kiss is a rare team which has no specific leader among the Korean Idol groups. Regarding this, U-Kiss’s reason is ------ fairness. Kibum said, “no matter how we look at the role of ‘leader’, is a person to take care of all things. Although to play a leading role is very good, but feels that the presence of a ‘leader’ will cause dispute among the members. We are all on the same standpoint but to just depend on 1 person; to tell the truth there will be unfair.

Though the Korea society usually choose a leader based on age order, but we feel that this is not very good. As a whole, everybody should take up the responsibility. Those who can talk well will be the one talking, those who are good at foreign languages will be the one speaking foreign languages. We also have aegyo in-charge, individual special talent, body gags and so on shared.” Alexander said, “so we U-Kiss is more like a family. Father is Kibum, uncle is Soohyun, daughter is Kevin, son is Eli, and puppy is Dongho.” And he is the mother? Grandmother?

Secret 7 Favorite sport
Soccer & Golf

It is written in the personal particulars of Dongho that his hobby is golf and specialty is soccer. Such a young age to take golf as interest, it really makes people very curious. Dongho said he started learning golf since he was around 4 years old, because that time his father wanted to train him into a outstanding golf player wholeheartedly. However, because of an opportunity, Dongho fell in love with soccer. There was once where Dongho was playing with a soccer ball in front of a church and a group of hyungs who saw him said to him, “You come and play together also.” Then they let him be the goal keeper. That day he received hyungs’ compliments during the match which made him feel very good. After that, he liked playing soccer.

Later on when he studied abroad in China, he had even received the honor of MVP in the school team. And Dongho who seems to have great destiny with ball, has obtained many boy fans because of the program [Invincible Baseball Team]. Also because of his relationship, the baseball teammates who originally don’t understand baseball also have awareness and understanding of baseball.

Secret 8 About dream
Insides & Outsides

Among the members of U-Kiss, most of the members’ future visions have to do with music in general. Kibum said he wants to a album producer in the future and Dongho wants to plan performance proposal to train up new people. Soohyun wants to challenge musical and Kevin said he has always regarded Rain as his target and wants to become an outstanding performer like Rain.

But there are also people who think different. Eli said his original dream was to be an actor and not a singer. “Went abroad to China for acting skills but the result wasn’t good. My father asked, “Wants to be a singer? If you want to move along the path of acting, you can also do it while as a singer.” So I returned to Korea. Alexander said he wants to be like Dongho who works while studying, though tiring but very meaningful. He, who originally was studying in America, felt very sorry that he returned to homeland after only studying for a year. The most different is Kiseop who said he likes photography and wants to do photography related.

[I Am Legend]
Say: Very honored to be invited to cooperate with the entertainer seniors, very excited and we will prepare well and give our very best!

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[TRANS] 100622 U-KISS K-POP ROOKIES! Special Interview in KANON (Bamboo Mook)

U-KISS debuted in Korea in 2008. 「U」of the group’s name is the first initial of ‘Ubiquitous’ meaning the most advance and “You” and 「KISS」meaning Korean International Idol Superstar. As with the name, the background of the members is also full of international atmosphere. They who carried a cute concept till now make a big changeover in 1st album 「U-KISS ONLY ONE ALBUM」! We interview U-KISS, the global idol group who is increasingly popular in Korea and of course, Japan and Asia.

From the left:
Alexander (Real name: Alexander.Lee.Eusebio) Born on 29 July 1988. 182 cm. Blood O. Rap. Born in Hong Kong.
Eli (Real name: Kim.Kyoung.Jae) Born on 13 March 1991. 180 cm. Blood O. Rap. Born in USA. (3rd generation of Korean American)
Kibum ( Real name: Kim.Kibum) Born on 29 December 1990. 179 cm. Blood O. Vocal. Born in Korea.
Kiseop (Real name: Lee Kiseop) Born on 17 January 1991. 180 cm. Blood A. Vocal. Joined in as new member in November 2009. Born in Korea.
Soohyun (Real name: Shin.Soohyun) Born on 11 March 1989. 181 cm. Blood A. Main Vocal. Born in Korea.
Kevin (Real name: Kevin Woo/Korean name: Woo Sunghyun) Born on 25 November 1991. 181 cm. Blood O. Main Vocal. Born in USA.
Dongho (Real name: Shin.Dongho) Born on 29 June 1994. 178 cm. Blood B. Vocal, Rap. Born in Korea.

Please tell us the opportunity where every one of you aimed to be a singer.

Soohyun: I longed to stand on the stage long time ago and also often participated in singing contests. The desire of standing on the stage was strong. I took the audition and entered the current company.

Eli: Originally, actor is my aspiration so I went over to China to learn acting. So by chance, I got the offer to be a singer in Korea and not acting and I took the audition. Now I really enjoy the activities as a singer.

Alexander: I have interest in hallyu and I wanted to do job that was related to hallyu. But I did not even think that I will become a singer.

Kevin: Although I was raised in America, I love Korean music a lot and so I came to Korea to take the audition.

Kiseop: Around high school onwards, I was active in the dance circle. I like music so I took various auditions. Although I worked as a trainee all the times, I became a member from the activities of this album’s title song 「Don’t Underestimate Me」onwards .

Kibum: Wanted to be a chef, I was thinking of going to a culinary school. Although I liked music and dancing from a long time ago, looking at my elder brother (the maknae of『SS501』) during his trainee period and because I knew the seriousness of debuting, I did not think of becoming a singer. But my elder brother seemed to be very happy after debut and it looked fun…… I looked forward to such elder brother and so I also aimed to become a singer.

Dongho: My father ran a publishing company that released magazine and there were lots of magazines in my house a long time ago. Since young, I read those magazine often, went to watch concert and music programs, and I thought it was cool of the celebrities getting support from the fans. Thus I think that it is natural of me thinking of I also want to become like that.

How was the first impression of each member?

Soohyun: The first time I saw Eli, he was having his meal. The child who came from America ate Korean food with great relish. It was a good impression.

Eli: When I first met Alexander hyung, he was eating bread. (laugh) Because hyung loves bread and biscuit very much, he will always buy bread when he goes somewhere. Also, during the first time I met him, he said to me in Korean “you want bread?”(laugh) Though raised in a foreign country, his Korean was good and was much better than me also.

All: Was!? Then now!? (laugh)

Eli: Now also. (laugh) Though Alexander hyung is very gentle, but because in the beginning he did not know Korean culture very well, he seemed lonely and serious as well.

Alexander: Kevin was a very childish child. (laugh) Because our first language is English, I was very happy that there was an English-speaking peer. Kevin is very gentle, polite and like an angel.

Kevin: The first time where I met Kiseop, was at the practice room. Though he was introduced as the new member, but because we are the same year, amicableness arose. I though he was handsome, gentle and the way he practiced passionately was fantastic.

Kiseop: The first time I met Kibum hyung was inside the car at the filming location of the single 『Not Young』PV. The words that he gave me in the beginning was 『What’s your year?』(laugh). I heard that the younger brother of SS501’s maknae Kim Hyung Jun senior is in U-KISS but when I met him in the car for the first time, I was shocked that he looked very much like (Hyung Jun) (laugh) Although he was very thin and seemed that he will break once touched, now his figure has become better because of exercises. The first impression of him was I felt that he was a weak pretty boy but now a masculine image.

Kibum: When I met Dongho for the first time, Dongho was a middle school……

Soohyun: Elementary 6 student.

Kibum: Eh?! Only elmentary 6!? Uwa…… When I met him for the first time, he was very young and I thought how it would turn out to be grouped together with him. I felt uneasy when I might be the only older one among the young members. (laugh)

Alexander: Because Dongho was very young, his behavior and such were unexpected (laugh). Although he was very like a child, now he has matured.

Dongho: I thought Soohyun hyung was the manager (laugh). I thought he must be either good in singing or talented. (laugh)

How do you feel about the activities did so far as a new member?

Kiseop: It was hard when I made my debut. Unlike everyone else, I don’t have stage experience. I don’t know at all where the cameras are located and where to look at will be good…… But the members helped me. I’m grateful to everyone.

Surprised by the appearances of all of you who turned into adults in the 1st album [U-KISS ONLY ONE ALBUM]

Soohyun: The past songs, we were trying to show cute, bright and young image. We really enjoyed the activities but we couldn’t get popularity…… So, we thought the production of the album this time round to be the last chance and expected it. Probably, if this album did not go well, I think we would not be here today. We pay attention to each and every facial expression and gesture, and we practiced repeatedly in choreography and live broadcasting more than before too. We are glad to have a lot of people love it as much as we made an effort.

The member that changed the most is?

All: Dongho

Soohyun: Dongho was a very timid person. During the audition, he was embarrassed and his face turned bright red. He couldn’t sing song well, also couldn’t dance and was bad at talking too. But unnoticeably, he has become really good in variety program, stage and live too. He was nerdy in the past. (laugh) Now, his way of thinking and talking has become like an adult and I think he has become very cool.

Alexander: I was paying attention to Dongho and advising him in the past but now it became no longer required unnoticeably.

Kiseop: Now it’s Dongho who scolds Alexander hyung. (laugh)

Kevin: On the contrary, there is the part which he became childish. Although he was a child in the very beginning and there was quiet moment, he has become vigorous and cheerful after debuting. I think it’s because he has found his own character.

Dongho, do you admit it?

Dongho: Yes, I admit. (laugh)

The songs are a bit provocative and there are many things that are of rebellious taste. What is the most rebellious action that you have taken so far?

Soohyun: Eli rebels his mother the moment he wakes up every morning.

Eli: I don’t! (laugh)

Soohyun: You are doing it!

Eli: How did you know? You are not living in the house. (laugh) Oh well, but it is true that there were many rebellious behaviors. Particularly, during the days of adolescence, it was terrible. Because I was alone early in China, I was so used to living alone. So when I started living with my parents, there were many conflicts.

Kibum: After high school graduation till I became a member of U-KISS, there was a little interregnum. I wanted to do business but I was told by my parents that “that kind of business does not matter much. Please be an entertainer.” I have had left the house. After that, the business was doing well and I intended to walk that path but I returned home because my mother was sad. I think that time when I left the house was the biggest rebellion in my life. Because I lived by renting a room properly, I feel the sense of living alone rather than saying that it is a run away from home. (laugh) After I returned home, I packed up the business and did the preparations for becoming an entertainer.

Alexander: I was a very good child. I have never rebel before. (laugh)

Is there any quarrel among the members themselves?

Kibum: Although there were times where the opinions were split into 2 or 3 but by making a little mutual concession each, we never have quarrel before.

Who is the best mood-maker in the group?

Alexander: Everyone. Especially Kibum and Eli are the severe one. (laugh) Although they help lift the atmosphere when everyone is depressed, on the contrary, they have also dampened the lively atmosphere before. (laugh)

Kevin: When on stage, it is Alexander hyung who lift the atmosphere brightly. During the Japan fanmeeting as well, he did bizarre dancing, and lift the atmosphere of the venue with interesting words. All of the Japanese fans were very happy too.

By the way, do you have any hobby? How do you spend the holiday?

Dongho: I like watching movie. I also like riding bicycle in Hangang and so on.

Alexander: On days off, I like to go to Seoul’s Myondong, Namdaemun and Jongno alone or walking around with friends. It is a pleasure to eat delicious food and to sightsee. I also like going to the working location because I can eat delicious food together with the members. In the previous filming, I went over to Namhansanseong for the first time and it was very good.

Kiseop: I am mostly sleeping during the holiday but when I want to release stress, I go to gym and exercise. When I lift up the heavy dumbbell, I grit my teeth while badmouthing. (laugh) While overcoming my limits, I release stress.

Kibum: When one won one’s own fight, one can feel the sense of pleasure. Don’t you?

Kiseop: Yes. Probably Kibum hyung understand it.

Kibum: I also like exercises very much. When time allows, I work out in gym. I also like swimming and I go to indoor swimming pool with Kiseop together. But recently, I am also studying song composition. If there is free time during busy period at work, I am mostly sleeping. (laugh)

What kind of music does you all listen usually?

Eli: I like music with strong beats. To relax my throat and body before I get on the stage, because there are many road performances recently, there are many things to do in the car but I play joyful and fast tempo songs and such.

Dongho: I like to remember and imitate unusual rap. Imitating difficult stuff and once I am able to do that, I feel very good and I like it.

Alexander: I like R&B and quiet music such as New Age. I like music such as Secret Garden too.

Dongho: Secret Garden is the best!

Kevin: I like Western music; especially R&B which I listen often.

Kiseop: I like quiet music that also has beat and recently, I listen to Rock Ballad often.

Kibum: I really listen to our own songs often even though I listen to popular songs often too. (laugh)

Soohyun: I often listen to girls groups’ songs such as After School. It is the vital element of my daily energy. (laugh)

Kevin: We also dance the girls groups’ dances in the dressing room and so on together. (laugh)

Who is the best at it?

All: Kevin.

Kevin: It’s me. (laugh) I am good at SNSD’s dance. I have also danced Lee Hyori senior’s 「U Go Girl」before in a particular program and talking about sexy dance, I am made to do it. In the past, though I was made to do it, now I step forward myself and dance. (laugh)

Do you listen to Japanese song too?

Alexander: Yes! I am a big fan of J-POP. W-inds, Ayumi Hamasaki, Utada Hikaru and such. I like the beats of J-POP a lot.

Soohyun: I like Nakashima Mika’s 「Always」. Nakashima san’s vocal is very charming. Other songs are also inserted in MP3 and I often listen.

Kibum: I like m-flo.

Does every member have any special talent?

Soohyun: Singing. Especially trot.

Dongho: For me is baseball and knitting.

Eli: I am good at animal sound imitation. Such as elephant, snake, Donald duck and......And I can do the imitation of pigeon’s expression. Sometimes, during the times when we are bored, members remark that「You resemble a pigeon」. Especially from Soohyun (laugh)

Alexander: Kiseop can insert a 500 won coin into his nose! (laugh)

All:It’s fantastic~! It seems that the nose becomes a coin. We are shocked.

Kiseop: Actually, I also did not think of putting in a 500 won coin. I knew of putting in a 100 won coin (about 24mm) but at the filming scene, I received a 500 won coin from Alexander hyung. After I tried inserting, it entered the spot. (laugh)

(500 won coin is nearly the same size as Japan 500 yen。When asked by his members “Show us!” , Kiseop really showed it and burst into laughter together. Alexander, Eli and Soohyun also tried but failed.)

What about Alexander?

Alexander: Linguistic ability (able to speak 7 languages: English, Mandarin, Korean, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, French) and because my body is flexible, I can fold my body into half. (laugh)

Kevin: For me is sexy dance. (laugh)

Please tell us about the future activity plan.

Kibum: From June onwards, we will be active in Malaysia, Japan and the center of overseas .We will release a new album in Korea again around July. Please look forward to it.

Lastly, please leave a message for all Japanese fans.

Soohyun: Because our first stage was in Japan, Japan is a place of deep meaning. We are always thankful to all Japanese fans for supporting us that time. We are sorry that we can hardly go over to Japan. Though far away, really thank you for always sending presents to our office and also celebrating our birthday. If we go to Japan more often, I think we can spend it closer to everyone.

Dongho: There are many Japanese fans that came over to Korea to meet us. It is interesting that the stage in Japan is of a distinct feel from Korea’s one. If there is chance, please support us when we go to Japan again while we do our very best.

Eli: Thank you for coming over to Korea to see us even if we are not doing any activity. We will be able to show a good appearance soon on the Japan stage too. Thank you. I love you!

Alexander: To everyone in Japan, I really want to see you! (in Japanese) I want to spend time together with many fans and make friends more.

Kevin: I want to create a good memory with everyone in Japan. Please also support us from now on. I love you~! (In Japanese)

Kiseop: To everyone in Japan, let’s create many memories!

Kibum: I want to spend the time with fans happily in future too. Please support us!

Cognitive approach to U-KISS members’ psychology
U-KISS X Animal Psychological Test

I want to know more about U-KISS! We have the members challenged the psychological test. And the hand-drawn pictures by the members used during test will be given out randomly to the readers.

Q. Your favorite animal Best 3 and please gives a reason.
A: No. 1 ranking listed animal
...... One’s ideal self
(How you want to be seen by people around?)

No.2 ranking listed animal
...... How are you seen by the people around?

No.3 ranking listed animal
......Your true self

1. Monkey: Cute and pretty active. Sometimes mysterious that it's human look-alike.
2. Cute Rabbit: I kept it when I was small, so I like it. Very cute and calm.
3. Fish: Because my nickname is fish, I came to like it~

1. Puppy: The animal I like the most. I want to keep it. And because its submission ability is pretty good.
2. Lion: The strong feeling is good. And it’s the King of animals
3. Bear: feels somewhat fluffy. Gentle image floats out.

1. Hedgehog: The hedgehog I’m keeping now! (the names are) Eong-i and Deong-i. Together is Eongdeong-i (ass)
2. Monkey: I want to keep it.
3. Puppy: My house’s puppy. The puppy that I kept when I was lonely.

1. Puppy: The puppy that I’m keeping now is lovely~♥
2. Rabbit: Because it won’t fight, aim of peace and it looks cute.
3. Horse: Ilike horse riding and because a running horse is cool.

1. Lion: It has charisma.
2. Cat: Its behaviors are cute.
3. Sheep: The pure figure is good. I am born in year 1991 which is a goat year so it’s an animal that I came to like it.

1. Puppy: I like it because it seems to be a human. It obeys human very well and it shakes its tail well.
2. Rabbit: I like the fluffy fur. Though I see it purely, it’s erotic!
3. Tiger: I like the stripes on the body a lot. Though it's scary when it gets angry, it is cute usually.

1.Puppy: Puppy is also known as human’s best friend and its loyalty. Can always play together and live together happily.
2. Lion: Actually I’m a Leo! King of forest! And it looks like the sun! Power! It’s cool~!
3. Hare: Hare is very quiet and docile. Its fur is also very soft and I want to touch it all the time.

Credits : maral@ROCKETBOXX.NET(Link)+ masaking1224mayu(Source) + micsummer@ROCKETBOXX.NET(Trans)

[NEWS] 100830 U-Kiss's 2nd Anniversary, "We haven't gotten 1st yet, but we will repay everyone with 1st place"

U-Kiss's 2nd Anniversary, "We haven't gotten 1st yet, but we will repay everyone with 1st place"

Seven-member male idol group U-Kiss celebrated their second anniversary on the 28th.

Entering the entertainment industry on August 28th, 2008 with their single album 'New Generation', U-Kiss has received a lot of love for their single 'ManManHaNi' from November of 2009 and for 'What', which was released in April. U-Kiss, composed of seven members (Kiseop, Kibum, Dongho, Soohyun, Alexander, Eli, and Kevin), left greetings and congratulatory messages on their individual Twitters and Me2Days on the afternoon of the 30th.

Alexander stated, "U-Kiss, congratulations for being two years old. Everyone, thank you for always supporting us", "We haven't gotten 1st place yet, but this time we'll work really hard and repay you guys with 1st place. Alexander will work hard". Kevin said, "It's already been 2 years since we've been together. Thank you for always supporting and loving us", "I can't live without Kiss Me (U-Kiss's fanclub). Let's be together forever. I love you", sending his love to fans.

Eli said, "Everyone, I thank you sincerely for continuously supporting us for two years. From now on, I'll work harder", and Kibum stated, "It's already been 2 years. We'll spend even more years together from now on. Aja! I love you".

Soohyun said, "'Kiss me', my loves! I'll just say two things. Thank you always and I love you", and Dongho stated, "It's already the 2nd anniversary. Thank you for loving us for two years, and please keep loving us", and Kiseop stated, "Kiss me! Fans! Thank you for always being supportive. I love you".

Meanwhile, U-Kiss is preparing for the release of their fourth album and have been busy with overseas promotions, including their first concert in the Philippines.

SOURCE: Nate News + ilovepocky @ Rocketboxx.net