Sunday, July 18, 2010

[PHOTOS] 100717 U-Kiss - Seoul Train Event part 4

Perf. List
  1. 빙글빙글
  2. Talk To Me
  3. 니가 좋아
  4. 뭐라고
  5. 만만하니

I'm always hoping that they'll do "Without You" Again So Amazing Live and the Dance! is so Cute they're like Cupids!
Credits: kissmeukiss + u-kissjapan

[SCANS] U-Kiss - Asta TV July Issu - in Singapore

Credits: kissmeukiss + kyukyu

[PHOTOS] 100717 U-Kiss - Seoul Train Event part 3

Credits: kissmeukiss + yonhap news

[PHOTOS] Dongho - Sky The Player

hehehe! i cut these up myself~
Credits: kissmeukiss +

[VIDEO+PHOTOS] Soohyun - A Chorus Line Musical


Credits: kissmeukiss +jiaren83

[INFO] U-Kiss - Japan Official Fanclub!
Japanese Fans!

U-Kiss is popular in Japan ne~ I met some Japanese fans~ in their concert~
Credits: kissmeukiss

[VIDEO] 100717 U-Kiss - Seoul Train

Credits: amayiu8864

[PHOTOS] Dongho, Kibum, Xander - Sponsor

Ooh Dongho wore this for Malysia Press Con
Credits: kissmeukiss + Kissholic