Tuesday, July 13, 2010

[PHOTOS] U-Kiss - Japan Fanmeeting etc. {Old} part 2

Japanese Kiss Me! are you Excited!!
日本人 の キッス メ わくわくした か?
Sorry I'm bad with Japanese~
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[PHOTOS] 100711 Dongho - Watching Baseball Game

He's actually Filming/watching~
Credits: kissmeukiss + as tagged + kissholic

[TWITTER] 100713 Alexander's - Update

Xander Lives alone, i actually lived alone before Its sad... LOL~


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[PHOTOS] Kibum & Kevin - Sponsor

Credits: kissmeukiss + ukisscn

[VIDEO] 100710 U-Kiss - Chef Kiss EP 7

[PHOTOS] U-Kiss - Japan Fanmeeting etc. {Old}

Every U-Kiss Photos will be uploaded and that includes new and old thats my mission~ of course spreading the U-Kiss Love
Credits: kissmeukiss