Friday, June 4, 2010

[PHOTOS] 100603 U-Kiss - Chef Kiss Recording part 2

Credits: kissmeukiss + kevriel

[PHOTOS] 100602 U-Kiss - Filming Heroes Challenge part 3

The Enemy Look Closely girls!

My Dates was wrong from the past few post of Hereos challenge Recording 100602 change the old date in your Minds~

100601 U-kis Filmed Shin Junghan PD Variety Show
100601 Dongho Filmed Invincible Baseball Team (Every tuesday)
100602~~~ is indeed Heroes challenge!
100603 Chef Kiss recording

Take Out with Full Credits!
Credits: kissmeukiss + shin5211111 + xo_delpher

[PHOTOS] Kiseop & Dongho - Sponsor Update

Credits: kissmeukiss + shane jeans

[VIDEO+DOWNLOAD] U-Kiss - Heroes Challenge OST

Download Link: Mediafire
Password: kissmeukissblogspot

2nd version w/narration of Kim Sooro & Yoo SangCheol
Download Link: Mediafire

Credits: kissmeukiss + jenpoo
this show is a WHOLE lot better than Idol United! trust me kekeke

[PHOTOS] 100603 U-Kiss - Chef Kiss Recording

Credits: kissmeukiss + Eli & 173