Saturday, July 10, 2010

[GIF] Poor Baby Dongho - Crying at Chef Kiss EP 7

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic

My baby is Crying Noona will be here for you~ T_T he's so cute when he cries~ *falls in love* well dongho cried and kevin drooled hehehehe~ looks like a perfect episode to me~ too bad my net is being stupid can't download oh oh no worries We will change our internet! to a faster one we're so pissed off~ we can;t take it anymore!

advice Don't do GLOBE it SUCKS you'll regret everything

Dongho Cried because of Onions~ LOL he was chopping and crying so much hehehe~
Credits: kissmeukiss

[PHOTOS] 100629 Soohyun - A Chorus Line - Musical Poster

Credits: kissmeukiss + jiaren83

[PHOTOS] 100709 U-Kiss - Beautiful Memorial Concert BF part 2

BF means Barrier free~ I'm very happy that Dongho's Jacket is Open~ hehehe~ and he took it off just before he went off stage that was hot Noona Is very happy! ^^
Credits: kissmeukiss + eli & 173 + seez

[PHOTOS] 100709 U-Kiss - Beautiful Memorial Concert BF

I have the FIRE!

Soohyun Focused~
Credits: kissmeukiss +You & I + naver

[VIDEO] 100709 Beautiful Memorial Confert BF -U-Kiss Fancam

I'm so happy she's uplaoding recent videos again! I love her, she's the only one who went to every U-Kiss Event!! plus she's a dongho fan like me!! plus love the clothes same from the Philippine concert oepning so hot!


[PHOTOS] U-Kiss - manager Cyworld Updates 2nd Single Promos

65 Photos!! woooooooo!
Credits: kissmeukiss + xodusl80

[PHOTOS] 100710 U-KIss - Manager Cyworld Update

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Credits: kissmeukiss + shin's manager cy + ukisscn

[PHOTOS] 100707 Kibum - PKL's Starry Night Radio

Credits: kissmeukiss + MBC

[PHOTOS] 100614 U-Kiss in the Philippines {PEP}

My Friend gave that DOG!!

Credits: kissmeukiss + PEP