Thursday, July 15, 2010

[NEWS] 100715 U-KISS Kevin's Courage Training "Feels Like Peeing In The Pants"

Following the last week's episode of SBS E!TV real food variety "Chef's Kiss", this week episode will reveal about U-KISS's courage training.

Kevin is the most coward member among U-KISS, and he showed his nervousness by saying "I think I'm going to go in my pants" with his legs trembling, which made the members burst into laughter.

Eli also confessed that he once had "almost hit a ghost" because he was so afraid of it. The rest of the members couldn't hide their feeling, and they were screaming in horror throughout the recording.

Also in this episode, the members went to a kindergarten in order to receive evaluations about their home made dishes.

U-KISS' “Chef's Kiss” will be broadcasted on July 16th, Friday at 12 o' clock through SBS E!TV channel.

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