Friday, July 2, 2010

[TWITTER] 100602 Alexander's Update

guess wt..? I'm taking a subway home.. LOL.. So stuffy becuz of my mask... but enjoying... -v-;

2nd JULY... My 2nd treat... Fruit Iceflakes

Follow~ Xander's Mommy~
I am very surprised that Xander can eat so much and not gain that much weight~ it will follow you back when you grow older thats what i always hear~
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[VIDEO+PHOTOS] 100702 U-Kiss DONGHO - "Sky The Player" Mobile AD MAKING

This is not a CF but a PRINT AD/MEDIA
Dongho is apponted as the new advertising Model "SMP(Smart Multi-media Player) '스카이 더 플레이어'(Sky The player)"
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[PHOTOS] Alexander & Eli - Sponsor Update

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[WALLPAPERS] U-Kiss - Joff Monthly Desktop July



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[PHOTOS] Kibum & Dongho - SNU top 80 in 10K - Official Site Pic

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[PHOTOS] U-Kiss - In Malaysian Restaurant

u-kiss with daorae's restaurant management! xander in Baju Melayu ;) credit: JENNY TAN & DAORAE MANAGEMENT
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[PHOTOS] Kibum - Sponsor Update

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[NEWS] 100701 U-KISS Kibum Is Being "Outcast"?

Apparently, U-KISS's Kim Kibum was being outcast by his own band members.

U-KISS showed their exceptional teamwork in each episode of the real food variety SBS E!TV "Chef's Kiss". However, the head chef, Teacher Khim (Kim Hee Tae), made some changes by changing the team's members. During that time, all the dissastifactions and complaints that the members had hidden all this while came out.

The members pointed their fingers on Kibum as his team always ended up losing during the cooking battle, and because of this, the members were avoiding to be on the same team as Kibum for this new team selection, which left Kibum in confusion and tension.

Meanwhile, in this episode, U-KISS went to the duck farm to find new ingredients. They wore the farmer's clothes while showing off their extraordinary fashion sense, and boasted by singing out loud and dancing in that outfit. They added on to the fun by adding the rule that the member who was ranked last will have to clean up the duck's dung.

Moreover, in this episode too, Kevin will be revealing his house for the first time, where he showed his cooking skills with his beautiful mother and sister. The annoying U-KISS members went to Kevin's room and took out all his accessories and underwears, which created huge laughters on the set. This full-of-laughter episode will be aired this Friday July 2nd at 12 o'clock.

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