Saturday, May 1, 2010

[VIDEO] 100501 U-Kiss "Mworago" @ Music Core


[PHOTOS] Kiseop & Eli - with a Fan

Eli are u jealous with kiseops arms around the girl~
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[VIDEO] U-Kiss - Vons Chicken CF Jingle

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[PHOTOS] 100501 Kevin - Sponsor {Vons Chicken}

Kevin is so cutem he wears this for Vons~
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[PHOTOS] U-Kiss - Vons Chicken Site

Love the Jingle
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[PHOTOS] U-Kiss - Random Random Outdoors

Some Members are missing *cough*

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[PHOTOS] 100428 Kibum - Park Kyung Lim's Starry Night

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[NEWS] 100430 Moon Heejun–Eun Jiwon as MCs For 'Idol League'; U-KISS For The 1st Episode

Leaders of the original idol groups H.O.T's Moon Heejun and Sechs Kies's Eun Jiwon will work together in a new program.

These two representatives of the 1st generation of idol, Moon Heejun and Eun Jiwon were selected as the MC for KBS JOY Channel new program called 'Idol League'. The first broadcast of this show is scheduled to be aired in this coming month of May.

'Idol League' is an idol variety program where the next generation of idol group will battle each other in a fierce competition, to continue the reputation carried by H.O.T and Sechs Kies.

The first broadcast will witness the recently popular idol groups U-KISS and ZE:A battling each other.

The PD of Idol League stated "The godfather idols Moon Heejun and Eunjiwon will act as the co-MC, subjects to the confrontation. We hope that this program will be the gateway of creating Korea's next generation of 'variety idol'."

The first episode of KBS JOY 'Idol League' will be aired on May 4th at 6:50 pm.

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[NEWS] Top Flower boy Member in Idol group world

  1. Nichkhun
  2. TOP
  3. Kim Hyun Joong
  4. Jung Yong Hwa
  5. Shin DongHo
  6. Lee Ki Kwang (AJ)
  7. Choi Si Won

Dongho is Pretty!~
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[PHOTOS] 100430 U-Kiss Dongho - "Mworago" @ Music Bank

♫"You broke my heart tore me apart"♪

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