Friday, April 9, 2010

[PHOTOS] Lee Kiseop - PreDebut Spams~

Credits: ukissss + superukiss + kissmeukiss

[PHOTOS] U-Kiss - Manmanhani shots

I love manmanhai pics~

manmahani photos~
Check out my livejournal i used it as my banner
Credits: ukissim + kissmeukiss

[PHOTOS] U-Kiss - Sponsor BON

Credits: crazynoona@soompi+ kissmeukiss

[PHOTOS] 100406 U-Kiss @ Showking M Bangkok part 5

I forgot about this~
Credits: yoosu_k@soompi + as tagged + kissmeukiss

[PHOTOS] 100409 ELI - Mnet Scandal (Recording)

Credits: kissholic(source); + + kissmeukiss

[TRANS] 100409 Dongho - Site Message

TItle: 여러분!ㅎ 동호가와쪄염ㅎ
Everyone! ㅎ Dongho is here ㅎ

Hello it's Dongho!ㅎ

너무 오랜만에써서 죄송합니다아..ㅎ
I haven't written for a long time, sorry.. ㅎ

저희 여러분이 걱정해주신 덕분에
Because all of you worried for us

태국너무 잘다녀왔어요오ㅎ
We came back from Thailand very safely ㅎ

그리구 앞으로 어떤곡으로 활동할지는 모르겠지만..
And in future, although I don't know what song we'll be active with..

저희 뭐든 열심히 준비하구 있으니까 기대 많이많이해주세요ㅎ
We are preparing and practicing hard so please look forward to it ㅎ

그리구..마지막... 요즘제가 싸이에 사진을 올리지 못하는 이유는...ㅠ
And.. Lastly... The reason why I can't upload pictures onto my cyworld recently ... ㅠ

제 DSLR카메라충전기를 잃어버려서 매모리카드에있는 사진을 빼지못해요오ㅠ
I lost my charger for my DSLR camera so I cannot retrieve the pictures in the memory card ㅠ

제가 조만간에 장만해서 금방올려드릴께요!!ㅎ
I will buy one soon and upload the pictures!!ㅎ

그럼 여러분 사랑해요오~♡ 키스미홧팅!ㅎ
So, everyone I love you~♡ Kiss Me fighting!ㅎ

Credits: + ukissmeSG (Translation)

I didn't get any airport photos when they got back TT__TT

[FANMADE] Bring it back 2 old school - U-Kiss Style

Credits: superukiss + kissmeukiss

[VIDEO] 100331 Kibum Cut - Bokbulbok ep 1

Credits: ohriman3+ kissmeukiss

[VIDEO] 100327 - U-Kiss Kevin Star King Cut

Credits: ohriman3 + kissmeukiss

[PHOTOS] 100408 U-Kiss - Clinic

Oh My dongho looks like a kid
Credits: ukissim + kissmeukiss + as tagged + + nate

[PHOTOS] 090407 U-Kiss - News Cover Photos

Credits: as tagged + kissmeukiss