Friday, July 16, 2010

[PHOTOS] 100716 U-Kiss - Japanese Fanmeeting

OMG! so Lucky!
Credits: kissmeukiss + Seoul Train

[PHOTOS] U-Kiss - Manager Cyworld Updates 2nd Single Promos

53 Photos!! of full Cuteness!
Credits: kissmeukiss +xodusl80

[VIDEO] 100714 Kevin, Alexander, Eli - Pops In Seoul "Davichi"

[PHOTOS] Super Cute U-Kiss Polaroid

SOOOO CUTTTEE!! Hmmm... I dunno where is this from~ tee hee~ I just found it~ U-Kiss is in Japan! today~~ and these photos has Katakana in it!!! See~ it matches!
Credits: kissmeukiss

[TWITTER] 100716 Alexander's and Kevin's update

I wanna go to japan too..

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[VIDEO] 100715 Dongho - Sky the Player Interview


[PHOTOS] 100626 U-Kiss - Japanese Fanmeeting in Korea part 5

Credits: kissmeukiss + cafe naver

[PHOTOS] U-Kiss - Various Sponsor Update

Credits: kissmeukiss +kissholic

[TWITTER] 100715 Alexander's update + Chef Kiss News

Baskin Robbins 31~!♥ Double junior waffle cone: Love Struck Strewberry & Almond Bon Bon~!! Yummy!!!♥ Finished half~ (@90kkb sleeping~ LOL)
Credits: kissmeukiss