Friday, January 28, 2011

[NEWS] 110128 The Reunion of "Invincible Baseball Team"

'Invicible Baseball Team' members, Marco, Lee Haneul and Dongho met once again in 'Lucky or Unlucky (Bokbulbok) Marathon'.

On the 27th, singer Mario uploaded various pictures taken in the bust and during the recording of KBS 2TV Lunar New Year Special Program 'Artists Lucky or Unlucky Marathon' and uploaded them through his twitter. About 30 artists participated in this program.

Mario wrote "I am going to start the 'Bokbulbok' marathon now~ together with Marco hyung" and attached a picture of Marco and him. His another tweet was "Cutie pie Dongho~ Really shaky but it's come out shining" and attached a picture of Dongho inside the bus.

Then, Mario tweeted again "Hyungnim who is exhausting and having a hard time~ as a result..." and attached a picture of Lee Haneul who had fallen asleep and leaning against the bus.

Mario also answered fans who were asking about T-MAX's Kim Jun "Jun is in another bus".

Mario, Kim Jun, Lee Haneul, Kim Changryul, Marco, Dongho, Oh Jiho, Kim Sungsu were once part of a KBS 2TV variety program 'Invincible Baseball Team'. Their first broadcast was in 2009 and has been receiving lots of love from the viewers. The program ended their broadcast after 1 year and 8 months on 15th December 2010. All the members expressed their regret during the closing of the program.

Mario was seen wearing 'Invicible Baseball Team' cap before the shooting started. He said "I'm wearing Invincible Baseball Team's cap today" which showed his affection for the program.

This 'Artists Lucky or Unlucky Marathon' will be airing on February 4th.

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[PHOTOS] 110128 Eli, Alexander, Kiseop, Kevin @ Ameblo Update (Made in BS Japan #8 11.24)

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[VIDEOS] 110114 U-Kiss @ Taiwan (part III)

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[TRANS] 110124 U-Kiss @ Haru*Hana Vol. 003

From cute younger brothers to tough young men…
We want to show everyone that we have grown up

Solo concert also a success! 
U-Kiss who have grown up

K-Pop world’s first multinational group, U-Kiss, actively acted in the year 2010 where the advancement into Japan was accomplished in full scale with a regular program broadcasted by BS. In Dec, their first solo concerts in Tokyo and Osaka were held successfully. 

Eli: Glad that a lot of fans came to the live concert. Though there were mistakes in the choreography, fans watched it warmly.

Alexander: I was worried. What should we do if no one came! But the venue was filled with hotness. 

Soohyun: Though overflowed with gratitude and joy, there was also once a crying scene. I just want to say ‘Thank you’ to everyone of the fans. 

Kiseop: As the curtain of the stage went up gradually, I could see a lot of shaking of the pink penlights along with their cheering ‘Kya’. I became excited somehow.

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[INFO] 110128 Details of U-Kiss' Showcase in Medan, March 5th 2011

It’s been confirmed that U-Kiss will come to Medan, Indonesia on March 5th 2011. They will have a Showcase instead of concert or fan meeting, which means they will bring some of their songs for fans on the event.

Event: U-Kiss Showcase
Venue: Mikie Holiday, Brastagi, Medan, Indonesia
Time: March 5th 2011 at 17:00WIB
The ticket prices:
- Standing 2 = Rp150.000
- Standing 1 = Rp350.000
- Standard = Rp450.000
- Executive = Rp550.000
- VIP = Rp1.000.000

Tickets for this showcase can be purchased starts from Jan 30th by Mikie Holiday.
Source & more details: Mikie Holiday (+62614539957)

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[NEWS] 110127 U-Kiss’ Eli and T-ara’s Jiyeon snap a selca together!

U-Kiss Eli uploaded a picture onto his twitter with the message 'ㅋㅋㅋ guess who!'

Who knew the two were friends because they look adorable together!

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[VIDEOS] 110127 'Real School' Ep. 14 (full show)

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