Monday, April 12, 2010

[TRANS] 100411 Kibum - Site Message

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이런저런 사건사고로 복잡하고 조금은 씁쓸한 나날이네요
Accidents happening one after another is making things complicated and a little bitter day by day

우리 모두 해피해피~
Let's all be happy happy~

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Did something happen in Korea?

[PHOTOS] 100410 Star King - Kevin & Alexander

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I lov e How They changed Clothes several times~
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{NEWS} 100411 U-KISS Dongho "I Was Hurt Of People Saying That I Resembled Noh Yoo Min"

U-KISS Dongho brought laughter to the studio when he revealed that his heart ache due to the people saying that he resembles singer Noh Yoo Min.

On the episode of MBC Sebakwi aired on April 10th, the resemblance berween Dongho and Noh Yoo Min was revealed to the public. Noh Yoo Min's past pictures where he was spotted with a chubby image were revealed, gaining interest from the Sebakwi's guests.

With this, MC Lee Hwi Jae pointed out by taking out the pictures, and began to compare the pictures of Dongho and Noh Yoo Min in a similar appearances, and the guests were surprised to find out that there are so many similarities between the two of them. Dongho responded to this with a bitter expression on his face "At first, you won't know who is who. So people searched about this and the results were about a strange ahjusshi (uncle)."

Dongho added "Honestly, I was hurt a little at first, but I admit that his (Noh Yoo Min) past pictures did resembled me."

Credits: Bntnews (source) + contiukiss (eng) + jaymie501@ROCKETBOXX.NET (eng)

[NEWS] U-KISS Soohyun Resembles Boom? “I’m Natural”

U-KISS’s Soohyun resemblance to entertainer Boom has giving the viewers a good laughter.

On the latest episode of MBC ‘Sebakwi‘ that was aired on April 10, MC Kim Gu Ra asked whether Soohyun is a U-KISS member.

Soohyun was seen a bit surprised with Kim Gu Ra’s question when Lee Gyeong Shil answered “He looks like Boom, right? Boom” and led the Sebakwi’s guests burst into laughter. Soohyun handed out a bitter laugh when hearing the resemblance of him and Boom.

Soohyun did Boom’s trademark “It’s Boom!” and created a big laughter from the guests.

Lee Gyeong Shil added the Sebakwi’s guests laughter by saying “Boom is the plastic Boom, while Soohyun is the natural Boom.”

On this episode, Soohyun made an appearance together with another U-KISS member, Dongho as well as Tak Jaehoon. They performed Kko Kko Country’s song ‘Gimme Gimme’.

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