Thursday, April 15, 2010

[PHOTOS] 100415 Dongho - M! Countdown backstage

Haii~ My name is Dongho Shin My favorite color is Pink! (fact)

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[PHOTOS] U-Kiss - New!!! News Cover

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[INFO] U-Kiss is Trending on Twitter~ #MRGukiss

Wooot Comeback
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[VIDEO] 100415 U-Kiss comeback "Mworago" + U Go Girl @ M! Countdown


U Go Girl

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[PHOTOS] 100413 Dongho - Invincible Baseball Team

*Drools* so HOT http://emo.huhiho.com

I spot Couple!! Oh Jiho X Dongho (Quite famous its a search in naver kekeke) They're so CUTE! Dongho is so HOT! *drools
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[VIDEO] 100413 Dongho - SBS Strong Heart Cut

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[PHOTOS] 100414 U-Kiss Filming for Chef's Kiss part 3


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[PHOTOS] 100415 Eli - Sponsor Second Food

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[PHOTOS] Kibum & Kiseop - Unseen Photo


from PKL starry night

Ki Brothers~
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[NEWS] 100414 Kibum of U-Kiss eats a tarantula

It was revealed that U-Kiss member Kibum has ate a tarantula (poisonous spider) during a game for variety show MBC Every1’s Bokbulok Season 2.

In order to celebrate the upcoming Black Day, Bokbulok Season 2 made a special episode dedicated to “black foods.”

When Kibum was chosen through a random dice game to eat a tarantula, he couldn’t hide his contempt and surprise at the situation.

The chef who cooked this fried spider dish informed the idol, “Because tarantulas are poisonous, we first boil it in water and then fry it in oil to produce a dish that is safe to eat,” assuring him that the poison is gone.

Kibum instinctively took the fried spider with his hand and placed it in his mouth. The show cast and audience members were shocked as they watched Kibum bravely chew the spider’s head while the idol seemed nonchalant about the whole ordeal.

“It was really hard to begin eating it but once I did I just thought of my mom. Unexpectedly, it’s pretty good. After eating the body, the legs seem more like a snack,” Kibum said, as he proceeded to eat the legs as if they were dried squid legs instead of tarantula legs.

During this special episode, other “black foods” that were presented to the studio guests include squid ink, horse’s black intestinal organ diameters, frog eggs, mole crickets and fungus ridden black corns.

Kudos to Kibum for being brave enough to eat the tarantula. Personally, I wouldn’t be sure if I could eat it myself if I was asked to.

I won't eat this even if my life depended on it~ cringe
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[PHOTOS] 100415 U-Kiss - Sponsor

Oooh Alexander oh so looks better with this kind of hair~

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[PHOTOS+VIDEO] 100414 Dongho - Chef's Kiss

Video is just flash under Cut (this is my screenshot) I've been seeing some fan-accounts... the menu is Cream Spaghetti ~ (carbonara)

Flash Player Just wait for it...

Dongho is like noticing the camera and he shyly looks away... Type B lacks Fanservice kekeke
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