Wednesday, April 28, 2010

[PHOTOS] 100427 Dongho - Invincible Baseball Team part 3

He's Looking!

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[PHOTOS] Angel Kevin {He's Mine}

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[PHOTOS] U-Kiss - Selca's (camwhore) ^^


Eli's looks like pimp (Hot and mine)

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[PHOTOS] Kibum & Kevin - Sponsor

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[NEWS] U-Kiss’s Dongho gets his hair washed

U-Kiss became the first guests on MBC every1’s newest show Star Do Do Chores. On this show, U-Kiss got to order around Ji Suk Jin, Han Min Gwan, Kim Jin, Ryu Dam and Secret’s Hyosung.

The boys said they wanted their dinner prepared so even those the MC’s are a lot older, they had to do chores for U-Kiss. Then U-Kiss asks for their hair to be washed and their makeup to be taken off.

Dongho gets his hair washed and his makeup wiped off by his senior MCs. What a great way to reveal your no makeup face on TV?

The episode airs on May 3rd.

Credits: AKP
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[PHOTOS] 100428 U-Kiss - MBC every1 Show

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[PHOTOS] 100427 Dongho - Invincible Baseball Team part 2

Did He hit that?
{edit just went to xport news site and Dongho hit it and got to base... LOL}

Did He caught that~
Waah I'm so curious! T__T

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