Saturday, July 3, 2010

[PHOTOS] U-Kiss - Hong Kong & China {Old}

Hehhe ~kemaru beombin

Sooo Cute

Me Kung Fu! yah!

Credits: kissmeukiss + naver

[FANMADE] Dongho - Happy Birthday Fan-arts~✩♥✩♥

Credits: kissmeukiss + as Tagged

[TWITTER] 100703 Soohyun's Update + Soohyun's Shoes

Remember his old tweet with the shoes

Credits: kissmeukiss

[VIDEO] 100703 U-Kiss - CHEF KISS EP 6

Finished Uploading the other parts

[TRANS] 100702 Kibum - Cyworld Entry "Dream"

2010.07.02 금/Dream 04:23

Hyung It’s because we are sending you off now so it’s raining too
I’m trying to turn everything back to normal
But today, only today, please let me be upset
Please be happy at where you are hyung
You can come and find me in my dreams too ^^

Trans (ch) KISSHOLIC | Trans (ch-en) Tokkiboy
Credits: kissmeukiss

[PHOTOS] U-Kiss - Various Sponsor Update

Hitting two birds with one stone~

Credits: kissmeukiss + Kissholic + ukisscn

[PHOTOS] U-Kiss - on the Road {Cody}

Soohyun is still blonde here so we can say this is old~ but I have no idea where is this
Credits: kissmeukiss + cody + kissholic

[PHOTOS] U-Kiss - Chef Kiss - Recording @ Cooking Studio + Restaurant

Credits: kissmeukiss + Kissholic

[PHOTOS] 100630 Dongho - PKL's Starry Night Radio

I saw the announcement in their me2day that Kibum can't go thus Dongho is here hehehe~
Credits: kissmeukiss + MBC

[PHOTOS] U-Kiss - Chef Kiss - Recording @ Cooking Studio

Its the Dongho, Kibum & Alexander Team!
Credits: kissmeukiss + STELEY@kissholic

[PHOTOS] 100702 Dongho - at the Dermatologist

Ooh Kevin has his signature too~ but Dongho is Lookin' fine! i think Kevin has a photo too~ but I can't see it coz' Members Only T_T
Credits: kissmeukiss + STELEY@kissholic