Thursday, June 24, 2010

[TWITTER] 100624 Alexander Update - Chef Kiss Recording

This is the basement of the haunted site.... Good luck...

Shooting for CHEF... Ridiculous brave testing game... going to some haunted place... God bless U-KISS!! ㅠ0ㅠ
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[PHOTOS] 100621 U-Kiss - Singapore Showcase part 6

If Only I'm Korean I can register to those Sites I'm Dying to Use~ I should marry a Korean~ Damn!
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[TWITTER] 100623 Soohyun & Kibum's Tweets

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[PHOTOS] 100623 U-Kiss"Food" in Chef Kiss recording part 2

"Duck Kimchi Spaghetti"
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[TWITTER] 100624 Alexander's Tweet - U-Kiss

There's a water slide behind us!! Gotta go now~~ (I'm not wearing a Speedo~~~) (/^o^)/

Blimey! And Here I was thinking a lot of stuffs in my head~ what could they be filming~
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[PHOTOS] 100624 U-Kiss - "Dongho's Cousin" Chef Kiss News

"Dongho's Cousin" its the Invite your realatives and friends day and Dongho's Cousin is Beautiful and Stylist~ thats what the news said and They kinda argued and someone cried! WHAT someone translate this *throws a tantrum* my Stupid Korean skills. Don't believe me really My Korean must not be trusted i think.

Oh So she's that girl who Dongho Followed! in twitter Shin Sunmi I was like suspecting she's a relative!
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[PHOTOS] 100623 U-Kiss - Chef Kiss Recording

oooh! so cute the baby is "5" too thats Dongho's number in IBT & Heroes Challenge hehehe

They Changed the Teams today its "Kiseop & Kevin" who won w/ Duck Kimchi Spaghetti
Eli is the Dishwasher today~ hehehe OMG so cute they played with a Baby! he's No.5 too! hehehe Everyone is looking Hot! Poor U-Kiss they Did this Straight off from plane from Singapore and Chef Kiss is very tiring~

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[NEWS] U-Kiss shows their quirky side @ Singapore Press Conference

It was a press conference filled with laughter as Korean boyband U-Kiss show the humorous side of them

While Korean celebrities were previously perceived as being shy and reserved in interviews, Korean boy band U-Kiss shattered the stereotype as they entertained the press during the press conference.

The members' proficiency in different languages was a big factor, as it broke down the language barrier and allowed them to interact freely among themselves and with the media.

Alexander L. Eusebio says, in fluent English, that even when they quarreled, it was in different languages too.

Alexander then re-enacted the argument in different languages to comic effect, causing everyone to roar with laughter.

Alexander added that despite that, the group members do not fight or quarrel frequently because everyone is calm and would communicate with each other.

"So we're like the United nations; making a big round and talk," jokes Alexander, leading to another round of laughter.

With other members coming from radically different backgrounds - Eli Kim and Kevin Woo grew up in the States, Alexander's mother was a Korean while his father was a Chinese-Portuguese - the Korean members would help the other members familiarize themselves with the Korean culture.

Alexander explains that the other members helped him learn how to communicate with seniors properly as the Korean showbiz is very particular about seniority.

When asked to expose each other's funny quirks, the boys did not hold back in dishing the dirt.

Kevin, who was described as a 'pretty girl' by group members, said that Kim Ki Bum likes to sleep on the car and playfully asks what he does at night.

Alexander then went on to dish the dirt on Shin Soo Hyun's sleeping posture while demonstrating the way Soo Hyun snores and jerks his body when he sleeps.

"It's really annoying sleeping with him; he talks sometimes when he sleeps."
When it came to Lee Ki Seop, he brushed off the

question and indicated that he has nothing quirky to show, only to have Soo Hyun exposing his 'special talent': stuffing coins up his nose.

The clearly-embarrassed Ki Seop protested, but gave in when a reporter volunteers a coin. Ki Seop gamely demonstrates by inserting the coin into his nostrils to the amusement of everyone present.

Soo Hyun takes a dig at Ki Seop afterwards, saying that "that's the funniest he's been today".

When a question of whether they would prefer a beautiful lady who underwent plastic surgery or someone is all natural but not beautiful was posed to U-Kiss, members expressed differing views.

Soo Hyun and Kevin prefer the all-natural choice, saying that looks does not matter as long as they care for each other. Dong Ho and Alexander chose the same option but Alexander has a hilarious reason for the choice.

"I don't want a baby who looks so different from the mom; I think for the future of my children."

On the other hand, Eli, Ki Bum and Ki Seop honestly replies that plastic surgery is not such a bad thing to do since it is a way of enhance oneself.

In reaction to Alexander's 'no-resemblance' comment, Ki Bum deftly defends their choice.

"If my children don't look like their mother, they can go ahead with plastic surgery too!"

U-Kiss is in town to promote their album, 'Only One'. Having just finished a concert in the Philippines, U-Kiss said that they hoped to come back soon for a concert.

U-Kiss Gave Singaporean Press a Good Impression~ U-Kiss are super duper Kind, Thoughful and they're very lovely~

[PHOTOS] 100621 U-Kiss - Singapore Showcase part 5

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[GIF] Dongho - Invincible Baseball Team EP 57

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I love this episode Lots of Actions, Dongho was Semi-injured and Hurt he was a hit by a full grown man! now he has a Boo Boo in his knee~ but he was great in this game SLIDING CATCH was the best Dongho's Plays are really so COOL! no wonder he won Best Play last year! he was subbed in the end, his hands were like bloated i think it was from batting~
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