Friday, May 21, 2010

[PHOTOS] U-Kiss - News Cover Map {Binguel Binguel} ver. 2

I uploaded these before but~ the quality this time is effin' good~ HD~
Credits: kissmeukiss + Naver

[PHOTOS] 100521 Dongho @ Dream Concert Rehearsals - Manager Twitter Update

Baby Dongho is so hot~~
Credits: kissmeukiss + xodusl80@twitter

[PHOTOS] Alexander - Stylist Spam

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Credits: kissmeukiss + as tagged
Click to Enlarge~~ Someone asked for an alexander Spam~~

[PHOTOS] Hot Eli in Hong Kong

Eli spam dedicated to the one Who asked it~ I've been to Hong Kong Several times, coz' some of my family is in ShenZhen~ which is like so close their In my moms apartment 26th Floor I can see Hong Kong and Macau~ LOL sometimes it makes me wonder if I've seen alexander in macau coz'its a small island... and I've been going in and out their since 2000 so Its not bad to Hope right LOL
Credits: kissmeukiss + ukissism

[TWITTER] 100521 Dongho & Kevin's Tweets

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I'm using an Android phone (smart phone) now!♥ So I'll tweet often now.

Credits: ukissmeSG

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2nd & 3rd Tweet~
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the boys must be shooting something~ the boys tend to tweet at he same time when they're waiting for their turns for a shoot~

this xodusl80 person must a be a friend kevin tweeted to him too
Credits: kissmeukiss

[PHOTOS] 100519 U-Kiss - Chef's Kiss Recording part 2

Credits: kissmeukiss + kissholic + xander 88

[PHOTOS] 100520 U-Kiss -Starry Night Event

Credits: kissmeukiss + naver