Monday, June 7, 2010

[PHOTOS] Kiseop w/ Fan + Soohyun & Kibum w/ Chefs

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*throws tantrum*
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[PHOTOS] 100607 Eli - Sponsor Update

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[PHOTOS] 100607 Kevin & Xander - Star King Recording

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[PHOTOS] U-Kiss - Cases of Mistaken Identity - ZE:A & Beast

Moments were people say "I like your song Man Man Ha Ni" to other groups

This is Shikshin Expedition~ U-Kiss have been guesting here for a while even soohyun was a regular back then... but U-kiss has lots of Schedules now so it seems ZE:A will take their positions (like in idol league T.T) and the Ajuhmma said "만만하니 좋아 했거든요 " I've like Man Man Ha Ni" to ZE:A hehehehe~ AJUHMMA SARANGHAEYO! hehehe

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LOL their inside a classroom, they sang a tidbit of "Bad Girl" and someone asked them that they sing "Man Man Ha Ni" then Doojoon Said "even though its not our song" then they just sang "man man ha ni"

its U-Kiss PEOPLE Man Man Ha Ni!
Everyone Knows Man Man Ha Ni in Korea Old People Kids! all age! which is a hard thing to do! Songs that All people will like! and know! are not that many!
you may have a number 1 in Music Bank or Inkigayo but if only your fans know your songs~ thats just sad....~
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[PHOTOS] 100607 Alexander's Twitter update

Finished StarKing! Took a pic w/ our lovely South African guests! Their music n dance ROCK! MERCI~!♥ (/^o^)/ Love the hat I'm wearing~

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[PHOTOS] 100605 U-Kiss - Busan Lotte Mall event part 6

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[VIDEO] 100607 U-Kiss - Shin Junghan PD Variety Show preview

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[NEWS] U-Kiss’s Alexander strips down?

U-Kiss’s Alexander stripped down in the middle of filming an episode of Shin Jung Hwan’s PD Variety Factory.

All of U-Kiss came on but Alexander made the most memorable appearance of them all.

Here’s how the story goes: They were playing games and U-Kiss lost.

Alexander had to take on punishments and somehow he ended up taking off his pants. There’s a big gap missing in that story but you will know when the show airs.

Shin Jung Hwan was so shocked by Alexander’s action and so was everyone else. What really went down? You’ll find out on the 8th.

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[PHOTOS] 100607 Soohyun's +Xander twitter update - Blue Hair!!

Star King Idols: U-KISS, MBLAQ, ZE:A!!♥♥♥ @Kevinwoo91

Shooting for Star King! This is what I am seeing from my seat~ Oh, Girl group SECRET is sitting in front of me btw

Kibum has the brownish reddish color but but Soohyun BLUE so Cool!
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[VIDEO] 100606 U-Kiss Smoke Free MV Making - Mnet Wide News

the MC mentioned Dongho's Movie and CF
and Kibum said their new ablbum and comeback
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[INFO] 100607 Notice regarding the homepage

Hello. I am the in-charge of Kiss Me ^^

Today I'm giving everyone a notice regarding the running of the official homepage.

Currently, U-Kiss is busy with preparations for their new album. With this, we are also preparing to renew the official homepage.

The newly opened official homepage will have reduced functions in the community section and will mainly focus on information regarding U-Kiss ^^

With this, the access and use of the current homepage will be interrupted and we ask for everyone's understanding.

Also, in preparation for the renewal of the homepage, from 10th June 2010 (Thursday), you can read but writing on the freeboard or leaving comments will be prohibited. We hope you will help us make this possible.

The renewed site is expected to open around the end of July. When the date is decided, we will announce it via the official cafe or Twitter, me2day.

Lastly, before the official homepage re-opens, all notices or schedules will be posted on the official homepage, and please make use of the community (freeboard) functions in the homepage^^

To the fans who have been actively using the homepage, you may feel disappointed or upset but for a better homepage, please wait for a while^^

Thank you.

Official Cafe -

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For those who are going to ask, we can't join the official cafe. You need to be a Korean citizen.

[PHOTOS] U-Kiss in Japan {Old Spam}

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