Sunday, July 25, 2010

[PHOTOS] 100724 Dongho - Sky The Player Event "Sign"

Bonus just something i found in DC Gallery

I saw this fancam of Dongho during the Event he was signing a lot like in godly speed too! He signed this first then just added the names when the fans came in, that's what i deduced from seeing the video~
Credits: kissmeukiss + DC Gallery

[TWITTER] 100725 Alexander - Dream Team Dragon Boat @ Hong Kong
Alexander! Fighting!
Credits: kissmeukiss +ukissism@twitter

[PHOTOS] 100724 U-Kiss - OranC Festival

Credits: kissmeukiss +kissholic

[VIDEO] 100724 U-Kiss - OranC Festival {Dongho Fancam}

OMG! Kibum sang Xander's Part!!! coz' Xander is till in Hong Kong for Dream team
Credits: kissmeukiss + 4250hm

[PHOTOS] 100723 Alexander San Miguel Beer Garden Show @ Hong Kong part 4 + Stalker

Credits: kissmeukiss +U-Kiss Baidu + U-Kiss HKFC

[TWITTER] 100724 Alexander - in Hong Kong

Are you ALL waiting for this one? LOL Can see me? ofcuz I m holding the camera ^^

Our family's close friend Vicky (East Asia Media HK)

I love this guy - still like a kid, always enjoy playing this! LOL

Enjoying our desserts NOW! LOL all of xandeR's favorite

Credits: kissmeukiss + anthony eusebio

[PHOTOS] 100724 東方日報新聞/ Hong Kong News Paper "Dream Team"

Credits: kissmeukiss + u-kissism