Monday, May 24, 2010

[VIDEO] 100524 U-Kiss Idol Cam Ep 2 + MBC Section TV + IBT EP 54

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[PHOTOS] 100524 U-Kiss - Take Out Lunch

Looks Scrumptious Y_Y Hungry
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[NEWS] 100524 U-KISS Dongho Joins The List Of "Acting Idol"

U-KISS's youngest member, Dongho, is joining the list of 'acting idol'.

It was found out that Dongho has recently been casted for a film entitled "Upstair's Villain (이층의 악당)" (Director: Son Jae Gon), which the lead stars are Han Seok Gyu and Kim Hye Su.

In this film, Dongho will play the role of a popular uljjang that goes to the same school as Kim Hye Su's daughter. With this, Dongho will be joining in the other as the acting idol, alongside 2PM's Taecyeon, 2AM's Seul Ong and T-Ara's Eun Jung.

Dongho debuted as a singer and showed his spectacular look while on stage, and he will show a completely new look in this film.

"Upstair's Villain (이층의 악당)" lead casts are Han Seok Gyu and Kim Hye Su, and this will be their first combination after 15 years through 'Dr Bong'. The genre of the film is a mixture of romantic comedy and thriller.

"Upstair's Villain (이층의 악당)" will start filming this June and is scheduled to be released on the 2nd half of this year.

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Hyesu's younger brother aka donghee of Invincible baseball team~ so they're team mates~ and recently on Ep 54 Dongho is the one who got food for Donghee coz' he's injured~

[PHOTOS] 100524 Dongho's New Hair Color!!

WOW!! he looks Extra Smexxy!! Looks Great!
OMG my Bias is Oozing out~
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[NEWS] Dongho - Will Make his Acting Debut!

He will star in a Movie called "The Villain of the 2nd Floor" together with Kim Hyesoo,
(he will play as the protagonist son I Guess?)

Translation is from Google Sorry!

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Oh advance! happy birthday!

[PHOTOS] 100524 Kibum & Soohyun - Sleeping (Tired)

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[PHOTOS] 100524 U-Kiss Sponsor Update

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[PHOTOS] 100522 U-Kiss - with reporter at Dream Concert

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[FANMADE] Kevin & Dongho - Digital Art Water Color

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[PHOTOS] 100522 U-Kiss - Dream Concert part 6

White and Pink~ hahahaha

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[VIDEO] 100522 U-Kiss - Dream Concert Ending + Cut

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[PHOTOS] 100524 U-Kiss Idol League - News

Who will be the Winner~ EP 4 will be the last in the saga of U-Kiss VS ZE:A

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[VIDEO] 100522 U-Kiss - MTV IDOL UNITED EP 1

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[PHOTOS+VID] 100522 U-Kiss - Dream Concert part 5

more videos under the cut^^

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[PHOTOS+VID] 100520 U-Kiss -Starry Night Event part 6 + Various Events

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[PHOTOS] 100522 U-Kiss - 꽃동산 Event part 3


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