Saturday, May 29, 2010

[PHOTOS] 100528 U-Kiss - Chef Kiss EP 1 part 2

Credits: kissmeukiss + gaze

[PHOTOS] 100525 & 09 U-Kiss - Heroes Challenge Recording

You can see Kibum, Dongho and Kevin's uniform

100509 (audition)

Credits: kissmeukiss + xo_delpher + you & i

[PHOTOS] 100528 Dongho - Message to No Yumin - News Cover

This is like the Biggest Loser Celebrity Edition No Yumin is the Dongho's Look-A-Like~ way back on his Idol Days in NRG he's very Cute! back then! He will Look better once he lost the excess weight
Credits: kissmeukiss +,kr

[PHOTOS] 100529 Alexander & Dongho Cyworld + IBT Dongho w/ Coach

Credits: kissmeukiss + DC gallery

[PHOTOS] U-Kiss - Various Sponsor Update

he wore this for Chef Kiss

Credits: kissmeukiss + ukisscn

[VIDEO] 100527 U-Kiss - Heroes Challenge CUT

Everyone! you must watch this show!
Credits: kissmeukiss@youtube

[PHOTOS] 100528 U-Kiss - Chef Kiss EP 1

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Credits: kissmeukiss + DC Gallery