Thursday, April 29, 2010

[PHOTOS] 100429 Dongho - MBC God of Cookery EP 120

Credits: kissmeukiss + MBCDrama

[PHOTOS] 100429 Dongho - Dongji Naengmyeon CF Behind the Scenes

Interview kekeke

Credits: kissmeukiss +yin0404

[PHOTOS] U-Kiss - Filming MTV Idol United

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Credits: kissmeukiss + You & I

[PHOTOS] 100429 Dongho & Eli - We Love Football Event part 2

Bonus from Chef Kiss

I love these 2!
Credits: kissmeukiss + BNT news + Naver

[PHOTOS] 100429 Eli & Dongho - Raising Idol

Dongho, Eli, & Key Visits Thunder in Raising Idol~
Yogo Time! (Dongho is flexible *points to baseball* I remember he got the best Overall Body health??)

Kekeke First!
Credits: kissmeukiss + BNT news

[PHOTOS] Dongho - Dongji Naengmyeon CF part 2

Credits: kissmeukiss + U-Kiss DC Gallery

[AUD+DOWNLOAD] U-Kiss - Mworago Remix {Official}

Download Link: Mediafire

Pretty CUTE! remix kekeke
so so NEXT will be the release of the 3D MV!!!
Credits: kissmeukiss + kboey

[PHOTOS] 100429 Dongho & Eli - We Love Football Event

Oh they Kinda change Eli's Hair!

These 2 are together again Kekekke coz' i think they're the most sporty out of U-Kiss

I read... a rumor... Soohyun has a Tattoo on his arm, RUMOR! okay~
Credits: kissmeukiss + as tagged