Sunday, May 16, 2010

[GIF] 100515 Kevin - Star King

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Only in U-Kiss you'll see members regular in shows that have the same timeslot~
Star King & Invincible Baseball team~
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[VIDEO] 100513 University Events Fancams

Pusan Daedong University & Daegu Haany University

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[PHOTOS] 100516 Kevin - Sponsor Update

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[PHOTOS] 100515 Dongho - Invincible Baseball News~

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First Picture its a comparison, on how Dongho slides and another player (hyeonbae) does it, the way Dongho slides is so Cool! i remember their first match Everyone was impress on how he slides, (He looks like a pro!) until now he's the Stealing Base Slide machine! he runs so fast!

2nd photo~ Dongho got a Cramp! (he's so cute when he said "It Hurts") and as you see he has big thighs~ and the news said "You can't hide the Scent of a man" he got shy~ he doesn't want his thighs to be shown, first public revealance of his Thighs!

in short the news are about his MANLY THIGHS! & SLIDING

I hope its not confusing~
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[PHOTOS] 100515 U-Kiss - MBC Ulsan part 2

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[PHOTOS+VID] 100515 U-Kiss - Gyeongnam Special Public Broadcast part 2

[PHOTOS+VIDEO] 100515 U-Kiss - MBC Ulsan

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[PHOTOS] 100515 U-Kiss - Gyeongnam Special Public Broadcast

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[NEWS] 100515 U-KISS’s Kiseop, Successfully Putting In 650 Won Into His Nostrils… Crowned As Idol With The Best “Burst Nose”

U-KISS’s Kiseop has become a hot topic for his ability to put 650 won coins into his nose.

During the filming of KBS JOY ‘Idol League’ that will be aired on the coming May 18th, Kiseop took part in the ‘Catch A Mouse’ game that was made popular by the past variety program ‘Heroine 6′. During the game, they had to put 500 won, 100 won and 50 won coins into their nose, which is something bizarre and daring for idols to do.

The two MCs, Eun Jiwon and Moon Hee Jun, took the challenge first by putting a 500 won into their nose. However, both of them gave up due to the pain.

For the penalty, Kiseop has to put 500 won coins into both of his nostrils, showing a side of him that hasn’t been shown before, which made the crew and the members burst into laughing.

U-KISS ‘empty-headed’ Kiseop’s nostrils-in-action can be seen on the May 18th broadcast of KBS JOY ‘Idol League’ Episode 3, at 6:50 pm.

Source: Bntnews
English translation: Mimi@contiukiss