Friday, September 24, 2010

[NEWS] 100923 Dongho, Dongjun & Sungjong's 'Milk Caramel' is "Prettier Than Girls!"

U-KISS' Dongho, ZE:A's Dongjun and Infinite's Sungjong had gathered and formed a group called 'MILK CARAMEL'.

In the 23rd broadcast of Chuseok Special '2010 Star Dance Battle', the contestants were divided into two groups for the battle: '꼬꼬마 Kko Kko Ma (Little Boy – Captain Haha)' VS '뚱뚱이 Ttung Ttungie (Fatty – Captain Kim Shin Young)'.

In the 4th round, 'Kko Kko Ma' team sent out their male idol groups' members Dongho (U-KISS), Dongjun (ZE:A) and Sungjong (Infinite) who had formed a group called 'MILK CARAMEL' to battle with IU.

The three of them received hot responses from the others as they transformed Orange Caramel's 'Magic Girl' into 'Magic Boy', showing their fine appearance as girls, as well as their cute facial expressions. The original members of Orange Caramel were pleased and satisfied with MILK CARAMEL's performance.

Sungjong, who took over the role of Orange Caramel's Nana, received the most attention because of his slender body. However, Dongjun, who is known as the "Han Ga In look-alike" gave the others a lot of laughter because of the contrast of his pretty face while proudly showing his muscles.

MC Kim Gura praised MILK CARAMEL's looks, "They are prettier than Jang Young Ran" which left Jang Young Ran embarrassed when being compared with 3 boys.

'2010 Star Dance Battle' featured Kim Gura, Haha and Kim Shin Young as the MCs while the contestants were MBLAQ, 2AM, After School, Miss A, Secret, Chae Yeon, Seo In Young, Kim Jong Min, Cheon Myunghun, Kim Na Yeong, Goo Jiseong, IU, U-KISS' Dongho, ZE:A's Kim Dongjun, ZE:A's Kwanghee, Kim Gyung Jin, Kim Ji Sun, Jang Young Ran, Kim Sae Rom and 4Minute. The MVP went to Kim Ji Sun, who performed Lee Hyori's 'Chitty Chitty Bang Bang' perfectly.

Wahahaha! Dongho Looks the Best~
Credits: Bntnews (Source) + jaymie501@ROCKETBOXX.NET (Eng) + micsummer@ROCKETBOXX.NET (Eng)