Monday, April 19, 2010

[PHOTOS] U-Kiss - News Cover Map {Binguel Binguel}

Kekeke Dongho~

Credits: kissmeukiss + astagged

[PHOTOS] 100412 Kevin - Star King Filming

U-kiss and Variety Shows are like so many TT__TT and Its hard to download them all and it will never be subbed! Just Dongho's IBT is like 50ep
Credits: kissmeukiss + kevely_chu

[PHOTOS] U-Kiss - Elle Girl Magazine May part 2

OMO! another Preview
Credits: kissmeukiss + kissholic + anh jaeyoung

[DOWNLOADS] {HD}100415 U-Kiss - Mworago + U Go Girl + Interview @ M! Countdown


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[PHOTOS] 100415 U-Kiss - M! Countdown Backstage

Credits: kissmeukiss + Mnet

[PHOTOS] U-Kiss - Philippines Concert Official Goods

from U-kiss Merch

They will announce more details tomorrow~ like stage layout and patron tickets (I'm gonna get yah) there's still more products to come!
Credits: kissmeukiss + UkissPep@Facebook

[WALLPAPERS] U-Kiss - Mobile Wallies

Wahhh!! they look so alike! with his bro~

Credits: kissmeukiss +

[VIDEO] 100417 Shinhan Card Love Concert in Gwanju + 100415 M! Countdown

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↑ 만만하니

[VIDEO] U-Kiss - Master Showman {philippine tv}

OH it's from my country this is stupid but i missed this show.. I was happily sleeping~
Their English is OSM!

HQ at last

[RUMOR] Dongho - filming for a CF! {Not yet official)


BTW I read... a couple of hours ago that I forgot and remembered Just now (7:00AM +8 GMT) Dongho's gonna do a CF (I'm a dongho-nim fan!) It's not yet Officially said... so I'm not sure... the blogger said... Filming started already... (say whut?)

and reading the comments on the post the thing seems Official! (IMO only)

the Product is Lotte 밀키스

Wikipedia of 밀키스

relatively old product... famous in russia (Wiki said) ~ and I think the product is looking for a comeback... it was famous during 90s and its commercially available but... it didn't have a CF for a zillion years now~ use the Nations 2nd little brother! Dongho!


[VIDEO] U-Kiss - Man Man Ha NI Dance Version 1 & 2

Credits: kissmeukiss

[PHOTOS] 100417 U-Kiss - Shinhan Card Love Concert in Gwangju part 3

Thats the Location of the Banners~

OMG thats the Banner!

This blogger is a dongho fan... so he'll get a close-up

after the show you must clean ~~ the banner fold it up nicely~

and that person reeks of being~ a xander fan

Credits: maxiah_1264 + kissmeukiss