Thursday, June 17, 2010

[PHOTOS] 100617 Dongho SNU top 80 in 10K U-Kiss Shin Junghan PD Variety Show

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Dongho took~ a Mock Language test on the spot he got 52 points out of 100~ hehehe He passed!

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[TWITTER] U-Kiss - Alexander & Soohyun To Malaysia

Eli's resting at the back where's Dongho?

Men Leggings are so hot! I totally Like seeing it on men when i saw it on a buy on the mall iw as lie in Love!
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[NEWS] 100616 Eli - Kevin Show Strong Affection "We Got Married"

U-KISS's Eli and Kevin showed a strong friendship and have caught much attention from it.

U-KISS has received lots of attention from viewers through SBS E!TV "Chef's Kiss" where the program occupies the #1 spot in program rating (for cable channel).

However, it wasn't just that. In this program, Eli and Kevin are being put in the same team. Unlike the other teams, these two caught the attention of broadcasting by showing their strong friendship affection towards each other. They even have a dialog to emphasize their affection.

Eli and Kevin's closeness have created the illusion that similar to "We Got Married" in the eyes of viewers. Kevin, who is prettier than girl, showed variety of aegyo (cuteness) to Eli, as well as faithfully being the 2nd cook in the team, showing the aspect of typical housewife.

Meanwhile, on the recent recording, the boys visited a traditional market to buy ingredients to cook. Unlike Dongho who was receiving lots of love at the market, the other members had to dance and sing in order to appeal to the public there, which made the public burst into laughter.

On this episode, U-KISS was given the chance to operate an approximately 60kg tuna. They get the chance to eat the sliced raw fish, as well as taking selfca as it was their first time seeing the big fish.

This episode will be broadcasted on June 18th at 12 o'clock.

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[PHOTOS] 100614 U-Kiss - Only One 1st Kiss Concert In Manila part 6

114 Photos Inside!

I'll be going to Korea for DBSK & U-Kiss thats it! I can stare at Dongho Everyday! as in Everyday! I went emo on twitter..... last time so i'm running away from twitter and i even used kissmeukiss twitter to EMO about my Love for Dongho!

I Love Dongho so Much that it hurts (I actually cried I never cyr). I'll try my best to get my mind straight and find another love coz' i'm gonna go crazy because of Dongho~
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[DOWNLOADS] 100517 U-Kiss Mnet Idol Cam EP 1 (english subs)

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[PHOTOS] U-Kiss - Various Sponsor~

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[PHOTOS] 100615 Dongho w/ Fan - IBT Recording

Poor Baby Dongho Straight off from the Philippines after the concert as soon as he came to Korea he filmed this~
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