Monday, July 19, 2010

[PHOTOS] Alexander - Sponsor Update

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[PHOTOS] 100714 Kibum & Kiseop - MBC PKL's Starry Night

hey Ain't that Singapore clothes~ hehehe~
Credits: kissmeukiss + MBC

[PHOTOS] Dongho - Sky The Player update

Credits: kissmeukiss +isky + kissholic

[TWITTER] 100719 Dongho CF Shoot + Seoul Train

He said he was shooting a CF must be 서울우유/Seoul Milk that i reported earlier

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Aigoo~ sometimes I think I'm a Genius coz' i always get U-Kiss Photos and Infos~ aigoo~ (LOL I'm pertaining to Seoul Milk & Sky The Player )
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[TWITTER] 100719 U-Kiss - Seoul Train Event

So Cute~ I was hoping they can wear some Yutaka~ and but -------- Secret~

From~ Uncle A~ hehehe The first time he met Dongho! our Cutie Pie Dongho!

What a Cute Boy~ I'm a shotacon!? what cute little pink watch~

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[PHOTOS] Cutey Pie~ U-Kiss - W/ Cellphone

Base on their Looks~.... its around~ mworago~ hehehe not too sure but the source says its taken from the waiting room~
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[GIF] 100717 U-Kiss - Chef Kiss EP 8

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[VIDEO] 100717 U-Kiss - Chef Kiss EP

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[TWITTER] 100718 Alexander's - Update

Alexander: 다녀왔습니다!!*v* Back to Korea!!! It was fun in Japan with our lovely Japanese fans~^-^ so sleepy n tired now~ gotta go home and (=3=)ZzZ TTYL!^^

Kevin's Comment
i wonder how much kiss me fans are on st. croix. now i wouldnt find out until u guys come now :(

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[PHOTOS] 100717 U-Kiss - Seoul Train Event part 5

Credits: kissmeukiss + amayi-yu + u-kissjapan