Tuesday, April 20, 2010

[VIDEO] 100417 Dongho & Eli - Raising Idol EP 4

So I actually studied in China Like Eli and Dongho(Woot!) yes so Dongho is my baby! and I'm like so Happy Like hearing him speak chinese is so CUTE... I'm not good with Chinese Really Mine is so LIKE BAD verging into "??" Like that~ sorry for my rant coz' I'm watching some of their Vids... Dongho''s English Is Gettign GOOD
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[VIDEO] 100403 U-Kiss - Joff Fansign event + 100414 BokBulBok Kibum Cut

It got cancelled coz' Uhmm... Theres too many FANS
like Building will explode coz' of fans Thats How MUCH
and yeah you know the pushing and stuff
If you're there YOU can't help IT honestly! Seeing these HOT boys!
YOU will go WILD

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[PHOTOS] 100420 U-Kiss - MTV Idol United Filming

LOL at his LOL

Eli, Soohyun, Kiseop and Alexander for MTV Idol united
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[PHOTOS] U-Kiss - Various Sponsor~

ain't this what he wore for Raising Idol Shoot~

M! countdown U go girl!

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[PHOTOS] U-Kiss - Official Fanclub ♥ Kiss Me

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Wahh! I'm so jealous she's like one of the first! to be a member she must be at the fanmeeting in Korea then TT__TT But the this is so COOL the boys must have one~ like 1-7 number is U-Kiss (just like DBSK for their fanclub)
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[VIDEO] {ENG} Eli - Mnet Scandal U-Kiss - Malaysia Fanmeeting Teaser part 2

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