Wednesday, November 3, 2010

[NEWS] 101102 U-Kiss’ Dongho stars in an upcoming movie, “Villain & Widow"

U-Kiss’s Dongho has been absent from the scene these days, and it's mainly because he has been working hard as an actor. Dongho is starring in the upcoming movie, "Villain & Widow (Villain on the Second Floor)". This is his first acting role, and in it, he plays a good-looking middle school student.

The movie is about a woman (played by Kim Hye Soo) and her daughter, Jiwoo, who lives in a house with an empty second floor. A man with many secrets (played by Han Suk Gyu) moves into the house and the story captures what happens afterwards.

Dongho plays a boy that Jiwoo is crushing on. It's been said that Kim Hye Soo thought Dongho would fit the character well.

Dongho said, "I'm really nervous since it's my first time acting. It’s an honor to be working with sunbaes I look up to. I want to become a great actor later on and act with them again."

The movie premieres on November 25th.

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[PHOTOS] Various Sponsors Update

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[PHOTOS] 101103 Official Ameblo update

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[NEWS] 101029 U-Kiss: Japan Blog Ranking No. 1

U-Kiss was crowned King of the blog.

U-Kiss, on last 28th, occupied 1st place in Japan blog site ranking where their popularity in Japan is actually felt.

Now, U-Kiss' Japan Blog has over 90,000 visitors on average per day and in the ranking of 7,600 famous celebrities who are receiving the blog service, U-Kiss has soared to the 190th position.

Their agency NH Media said, "Going to live program once a week is all of their activities. Nevertheless, the local response is amazing." They were very surprised.

This coming December in Japan, U-Kiss will hold their solo concert in Osaka and Tokyo.

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[VIDEO] 101016 Kiseop @ Incheon Exciting Radio Special Public Broadcast (part III)

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