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[TWITTER] 100623 Kibum @ PKL's Starry Night - Manager Update

He's a regular here right? do you get paid if you're a regular in a radio show~
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[PHOTOS] 100623 Kibum - Clothes Stylist Update

If anyone of you remember Dongho have done this before in the exact same place, These are the Clothes they Wore for for the first episode or press conference of "Seoul National University The Top 80 in 10,000" Show if my memory serves me right
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[PHOTOS] U-Kiss - Various Sponsor Update

Ooh Ooh so Cute!
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[SCANS] 100623 U-Kiss Dongho - in a Magazine

Woooh seen it first! here~ but I have no idea what magazine this is~ will update on this later
The source just said a Magazine Pictorial~ He's so hot!
Dongho is My LOVE!
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[PHOTOS] U-Kiss - Heroes Challenge Recording

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[NEWS] U-Kiss: A Babel (fish) of Boys

U-Kiss: A Babel(fish) of Boys
The boys in U-Kiss speak so many languages that they even have
multilingual arguments

Pretty boys (from left) Shin Soo Hyun, Alexander Lee, Kevin Woo, Shin Dong Ho,
Eli Kim, Lee Ki Seop and Kim Ki Bum have differing ideas on whether beauty
should be natural.
ST PHOTO: Malcolm Koh

Boyband U-Kiss might hail from South Korea, but their seven members are a veritable United Nations of linguists who speak up to five different languages, including Mandarin, English and Japanese and the Cantonese dialect.

The band's name is an apt acronym - Ubiquitous Korean International (Idol) Super Star.

In town for a showcase and to promote their first full-length album, Only One, U-Kiss member Kevin Woo, 19, says in fluent English during a press conference at Orchard Hotel on Monday: 'We are different from other boybands because we are very international, and we can communicate directly with our fans from Asia in various languages.

'We can tour Asia and we don't need a translator.'

In fact, the pretty boys reveal that they even quarrel in different languages.

Member Alexander Lee, 21, who speaks fluent Korean, English and Cantonese, says: 'We had our first huge fight shortly after we were formed. There was a miscommunication among us and we quarrelled in the dance studio. It was funny because we were all arguing in different languages.'

But the babel was resolved in a peaceful manner, he adds. 'In the end, we sat down and talked through it calmly to resolve the issue.'

The boyband, which debuted in 2008, have released several singles and a first studio album earlier this year. It started with six members but a seventh, Lee Ki Seop, 19, joined last year. The camaraderie among the boys is obvious as they spoke up for, and teased one another, during the media conference. They were also more unguarded compared to other Korean bands and spoke candidly about what was on their mind.

Lee Ki Seop says in Korean via a translator: 'When I first joined the group, the members were all very nice and helpful. When my feelings were hurt by some fans who asked many questions on why I was suddenly in the group, the band were there for me.'

The pop group also revealed that he likes to insert a coin into his nostrils during his free time, and egged him to demonstrate it to the media.

He stood up in protest initially, but then demonstrated his trick gamely with a 50-cent coin to general hilarity.

While the boys are conscious about their image, they also have very definite views on plastic surgery, a common practice among Korean stars.

Shin Soo Hyun, 22, Shin Dong Ho, 15, Alexander and Woo say they prefer girls who look natural but have great personalities. But Eli Kim, 19, Kim Ki Bum, 20, and Ki Seop defend plastic surgery and say that they want to date pretty girls.

Eli adds: 'For me, looks are high on my list, so it will be great if the girl is pretty and has a nice personality.'

Ki Bum agrees, saying in Korean: 'If my kids do not look like their mother, I could send them for plastic surgery. But it means that I must earn a lot of money for my family in future.'
Reported by: Jocelyn Lee for The Straits Times (Singapore) Credits: sgcharbor @ omonatheydidn't +

[TWITTER] 100623 Dongho - Updated his Avatar!

I just happened to be one of those crazy person with good timing~
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[VIDEO] 100621 Alexander "Twitter Talk" @ Mnet Wide News

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[PHOTOS] U-Kiss - Official Cafe Daum ukiss-kissme

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[TWITTER] U-Kiss - Eating Crab Alexander's Update

we had Chilli/Pepper KING CRAB for dinner juz now! so YUMMY!♥ seems like @kevinwoo91 LOVES th nicknames I give him~ ♥MERVIN♥ LOL~ (♡o♡)/

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